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CRM Insight: Paul Ward

We have a lot of conversations with some very well-informed industry gurus, and Paul Ward just happens to be one of them. Paul shared this insight last week on LinkedIn. In this snippet, he reiterates the importance of breaking down communication barriers and encouraging a free flow of data within a company. 

"Successful CRM providers like to hold hands!

Established businesses looking at CRM are not buying a system. They are actually looking to up-level their culture and organization, moving from an INC5000 tactical-action focus to a Fortune500 strategic-thinking emphasis. This is tough stuff! They know they have to do it because they cannot keep adding people at the rate of growth, the silo walls between the departments have gotten higher with collaboration suffering, capture rates have to be improved and they don’t have any data to figure out how. It’s not just about software and server capacity!

The business is on the line and CRM providers who get this will win the future. For example, my friends in Greenrope provide an integrated platform which helps to deconstruct the silo wall between sales and marketing by allowing marketing activities to be automatically driven by normal sales CRM activity. Lars and the team clearly get that the reality of growing and sustaining a business is a truly-human endeavor and that those willing to take the time to truly understand their customer’s challenges and offer a helping hand will be seen as true long term partners."

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