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Networking Like a Boss on LinkedIn


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LinkedIn offers business owners, salespeople, marketing executives, and other professionals nearly limitless ways to connect with others in the industry as well as potential clients. However, few people harness the power of LinkedIn to generate regular leads. Some make the mistake of connecting with hundreds of people in their field without ensuring that they are quality connections. Others simply don’t develop the discipline required to get the most out of this powerful marketing tool. If you’re already on LinkedIn but don’t use it to find leads, the links below can help you get started.

Make Meaningful Connections

It only takes a few minutes per day to initiate connections with people who could eventually become sales leads. When you sign on to LinkedIn, you will notice a tab labeled People You May Know. LinkedIn’s algorithm decides who to include on this list based on your industry and other connections in common. However, don’t just send connection requests at random. They should be people you have actually met in a business or networking setting. Once your network starts growing, LinkedIn will provide more people the option of connecting with you.

Join Groups of Like-Minded Professionals

LinkedIn provides many opportunities to join groups of other professionals with common interests. Groups give you a platform to learn from each other’s experience, share valuable insights, and build a potential list of prospects. You may need to try several different groups with a similar purpose to find one or two that offer you the most value. Once you find them, make it a point to develop lasting connections with the other members.

Follow Companies of Interest

Before you find companies to follow, make one list of clients you work with currently and another of your top prospects. Next, perform a search to see if any of them have a company page on LinkedIn. If so, click the follow button so you can see regular updates on your home page. This helps you stay on top of issues affecting your current clients as well as devise a way to market to your prospects that addresses their pain points.

Post Regular Updates

When you post an update on LinkedIn, it shows on the home page of each of your connections. This keeps you and your company fresh in their minds. However, this isn’t the time to try to sell your services. People will quickly become annoyed with this and soon will not pay attention to your updates at all. Instead, use this space to provide something of value to your clients and prospects. It can be a link to a news story, the results of the latest research study, or a relevant video. Whatever you post, make sure that it has a broad appeal to most of your connections.

Take the Time to Write Recommendations for Others

As wonderful as it is to display recommendations from industry insiders on your LinkedIn profile, they can be hard to secure. While people often have the best intentions, they get busy and writing a review for you falls by the wayside. Try to make it a point to write a review for someone in your network once a week. Not only does it bolster the credibility of your connection, it puts your name and company in front of a wider audience. People will come to appreciate you as someone who is willing to help others.

Make It a Daily Discipline

The key to landing a steady source of leads with LinkedIn is to incorporate using the site into each day into your schedule. Setting aside 20 minutes to make connections, post an update, participate in groups, and offer feedback to others can make an enormous difference to your bottom line.


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