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Why Marketing Automation Works Across All Products, Services and Industries

A lot of companies shy away from marketing automation because of  popular misconceptions that make it seem far more intimidating than it actually is. The term automation conjures up different ideas of complicated technical tools that are either unaffordable, or too complicated to actually implement into your business process. Most people’s idea of automation seems too complicated for small businesses. This is why the technology is underutilized by so many small to mid size organizations. In this article we hope to address some of the popular misconceptions surrounding marketing automation.

The truth is that marketing automation is a valuable tool for businesses of every size and in every industry. Marketing automation is actually most valuable to small teams because it lightens workloads by streamlining your business process.  

Consider the following statistics on marketing automation:

Demystifying Marketing Automation

Marketing automation has clear value for all users and can greatly decrease time spent performing manual drudgery, allowing employees to focus on other priorities. Let’s explore why marketing automation works so well for so many different products and services.

Get to Know Your Audience Better Than Before

Critics may claim that marketing automation doesn't feel personal enough. After all, what's more personal than someone taking the time out of their day to send you a personal email? The truth is, marketing automation allows for an even greater degree of personalization through the ways it interacts with valuable information you have stored in your CRM. Automation provides additional insights about your customers and their behavior through extensive tracking and analytics. It’s a great way to monitor engagement with your brand.

Having more data lets you better segment your audience, allowing you to  send them more timely and relevant messages. Instead of having to guess what your customers like, you can get real, actionable insights without having to do more manual manual work!

Reduce  Manual Work

Marketing automation makes your operation smarter. It helps streamline and automate manual tasks such as follow-ups, lead nurturing, and operational procedures. Rather than spending time crafting emails individually, you can use marketing automation to send out large broadcasts to strategically selected lists of clients. Automation saves time and increases productivity for businesses in every industry. It can also be used to streamline internal processes in a way that’s cost-effective.

Improve the Customer Experience

Ultimately, the most important reason to implement marketing automation is to improve your marketing strategy by enabling you to consistently engage with your audience in innovative new ways, driving the customer experience. From an outside perspective, customers see a robust brand that engages with them personally, fostering their sense of worth in your community. 

With an integrated business solution like GreenRope, this is possible. With one tool, you can effectively streamline your operations, saving you time and increasing productivity, without neglecting your audience. Investing in a fully integrated CRM provides you with greater customer insights allowing you to effectively tailor content so that you never lose relevance in their eyes. Through audience segmentation and innovative new ways to for connections, you can ensure long-term brand loyalty across new and existing customers.



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