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CRM and Marketing Automation for Doulas

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As a Doula, you play an integral part in the lives of new families. You guide, you support, you teach, and you prepare. Your job is critical and can make or break a childbirth. That being said, your business deserves the same love and care that you give to your clients.

That is where CRM and marketing automation comes into play. CRM and marketing automation can significantly help not only your business, but your customers as well. With these technologies, you can provide an optimal customer experience, which will not only lead to more customers, but happier customers as well. 

1. CRM let’s your organize and house all of your contact’s personal and pertinent information. Keep notes on each of your clients, get to know them, and be able to easily access their information.

2. Marketing Automation let’s you deliver personalized messages, resources, guides, and more to help educate and inform your clients on childbirth preparation, the different options available, and much more. Providing digital resources means that your clients can access what you send them when they need it most.

3. Marketing automation allows you to automatically connect with your new leads. Send them triggered emails explaining your services and the benefits of working with a Doula. This is a great way to educate and inform and guide your leads down the sales funnel until they become clients.

4. CRM and marketing automation turns your website into a powerful tool. Understand who your leads and clients are with the ability to track activity on your website, collect lead information through signup forms, view who is opening your emails, and much more.

5. CRM and marketing automation lets you become more efficient so that you can spend more time with your clients and less time running your day-to-day business operations. Free up your time so you can give the upmost attention to every single one of your clients. With CRM and marketing automation, you become more productive by staying organized and integrating your sales and marketing efforts.

If you are a Doula looking to step up your game, CRM and marketing automation is the perfect next step to help you transform your business. Families need you, so do not sell yourself short. By helping your business grow, you can help more and more people become successful parents.


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