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Written by Melissa Filich

How GreenRope Helps Your Non-Profit Grow


If your organization is held up by your Rolodex of volunteers and donors you should be using a Complete CRM (customer relationship manager) to simplify and streamline your administrative tasks while improving productivity, communication, and team collaboration. With so many people in your network, it is important to have a way to keep track of their activities and your engagements. Keeping an updated and accurate record of your donors, fundraisers, volunteers, events, donations, etc. is imperative, especially as a nonprofit.

What is Complete CRM? Complete CRM is a business solution that integrates sales, marketing, AND customer service into one software package. Gone are the days of managing, integrating, and paying for multiple solutions to successfully run your organization. Instead, it’s already built into one easy-to-use system for you! Click here for more information on the difference between a traditional and complete CRM.

Not only does GreenRope offer your usual CRM tools, but as a Complete CRM we also offer many additional features that can specifically assist with nonprofit management, member engagement, and productivity. 

“My favorite thing about GreenRope is how easy it makes it to bring in new volunteers via sign up forms on our website, and then manage them and keep them up to date on activities throughout the organization via email blasts, calendars and sharing to our social media pages. The fact that GreenRope is so powerful, yet so easy to use, is a major plus as well.” - Brian Haslip, Director of Training and Information Technology for StandUp For Kids


Increasing your nonprofit’s productivity

Are you struggling each day with productivity? The biggest waste of resources for any nonprofit organization is inefficiency. The solution is simple. By implementing task management, utilizing proper time management, and maintaining a positive attitude you can help boost your nonprofit’s productivity and overall well-being. Let’s discuss a few ways you can keep productivity high and how GreenRope can help!


Running a successful nonprofit organization can sometimes feel like a daunting task. With various people relying on your organization heavily the stack of tasks on your desk can often feel overwhelming and goals unachievable. Do not take on this stress alone, delegate as many tasks as you can to volunteers. The first step to delegating tasks is to prioritize them. Here are a few of my favorite tips on creating a daily task priority list. 

  • In no particular order of priority or importance, jot down a quick list of all the tasks you need to accomplish for the day. 

  • Identify the difference between which tasks on your list are important and which are urgent. 

    • Urgent being a task that needs immediate (hours/same day) response, this would include same-day deadlines, meetings, returning phone calls, etc. While important can be done the following day(s) 

  • What is the value placed on each task item? Placing a value on your tasks will help you further identify the priority of your urgent items first followed by your important ones. Having trouble assigning a value to your tasks? Think about it this way, how many people are directly affected by the task in question being completed? The higher the number of people impacted, the greater the value. 

  • Got a tie? Do you have two urgent tasks that both have a high value on your list? Which one will take the least amount of time to complete? The shorter task breaks the tie. 

  • Be prepared for change. As your day progresses the priority and values of your tasks may change, be adaptable. 

  • Breathe - avoid getting overwhelmed by focusing on one task at a time and remember that the “important” items on your list can wait a day or two before they move up your list to an urgent status with a higher value. 

How can GreenRope help? The project and task manager features in GreenRope will help you to create prioritized lists of tasks that can easily be assigned to other group members. Send task reminders, set due dates/times, track the completion progress. Tip - create a weekly project in your volunteer group, add tasks in order of importance and value, and assign them to various volunteers with specific due dates and instructions. The assigned volunteer will receive their delegated task while you focus on higher valued urgent items.

Stay connected to your cause

With everything it takes to run a successful nonprofit organization it is easy to lose focus of why you’re doing what you are doing. Accomplishing what is meaningful and valuable to you starts with you taking time to engage with the world you are working tirelessly to improve! 

How can GreenRope help? There are many ways to engage with your database. Whether it is through advanced email marketing including custom template builders and multi-group segmented sending options, using social media integration to manage all your social platforms in one singular location, utilizing the activity management to set reminders to send sponsorship requests, donor thank you cards, schedule phone calls or meetings, etc., or generating awareness and driving traffic to your cause through landing pages and signup forms. GreenRope allows you to streamline how you communicate with your donors and volunteers so not a single person involved with helping your organization ever falls through the cracks.

Stop multitasking, and start getting things done!

As a full-time working mother of two, I can honestly say - multitasking is my life! But when I stop multitasking is when I get the most done. I know, it sounds counterproductive but think about it this way - imagine a baseball in your hand, toss it up in the air and catch it. Easy, right? Now, put 10 baseballs in your hand and toss them up, did you catch all ten or did a few end up on the ground? If each baseball is a different task and catching them signifies its completion, doesn’t it make more sense to toss & catch each ball one at a time? When you give each task your full attention the outcome is a higher quality completion rate. Stop dropping the ball, schedule time to focus on one task at a time. 

How can GreenRope Help? In addition to the project and task manager GreenRope also offers to-do lists, robust calendars, and event management tools to help you stay focused on the task at hand and help you work smarter, not harder. 


It might sound silly but when you are feeling overwhelmed by an ever growing to-do list, take a moment to smile! Smiling has been smile.pngproven to not only make you feel happy and look younger but it has also been proven to help you cope with stressful situations and leaves you feeling more focused! Click here for 7 scientifically-backed benefits to smiling more and how smiling can boost productivity!

How can GreenRope help? Email us to hear a joke! 
Knock knock.
Who’s there?
Spell who?
Okay, okay: W. H. O.


More Ways GreenRope’s Complete CRM Can Help Your Nonprofit

“Being able to have real-time collaboration increases productivity in our national office, especially over other options like conference calls. Running reports makes it easy to separate donors from non-donating volunteers, which helps us to focus our campaigns much more efficiently.” - (cont.) Brian Haslip, StandUp For Kids

Donor, volunteer, and member management - 

Throw away your old Rolodex and stacks of business cards in trade for one centralized location to effectively manage your relationships. Organize your database with unlimited groups for recurring and first-time donors, volunteers, local businesses, community members, and any other group of contacts that work together with your nonprofit organization to help it succeed. Track donor progress from pledge to donation with our customized journey mapping feature. Customer journey mapping allows you to fine-tune the path each individual takes as they travel through your various funnels. Track donations and manage tax reports with accounting tools integrated with Intuit’s QuickBooks. 

Event registration & fundraising management - 

Make managing your fundraising events is easy with easy-to-customize calendars, ticketing, online registration, and donation management tools. From creation to completion, you will be able to track the success of all your events, big or small, from one place. Collaborate with team members and volunteers to ensure event preparation is seamless. 

Communications and marketing -

Improve communication with advanced email marketing, including custom template builders and multi-group segmented sending options. Manage donor communication with activity management that allows you to set reminders to send sponsorship requests, donor thank you cards, schedule phone calls, set up volunteer meetings, and so much more. Generate awareness and drive traffic to your cause through landing pages and signup forms. GreenRope allows you to streamline how you communicate with your donors and volunteers so not a single person involved with helping your organization ever falls through the cracks. 


Takeaway: With GreenRope’s Complete CRM you have a 360° view of your supporters. Having that clear insight into your donor base allows you to leverage relationships to exceed your fundraising goals. Create targeted and appealing outreach strategies resulting in more donor engagements and longer lasting relationships that help your nonprofit organization thrive. 



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