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Blogging for the Big Bucks: Our Best Tips and Advice

Whoever said that you could not make money from blogging was clearly misinformed. People all over the world are raking in the big bucks for blogging. Perez Hilton, a lifestyle, Hollywood blogger makes about $450k a month from his blog! Now, we aren’t saying you are going to make this over night, or even in this lifetime, but creating an engaging blog that people want to read brings in quality leads and ultimately increases revenue.

According to Ignite Spot, small businesses with blogs, in general, generate 126% more leads. They have also said that 81% of US consumers trust advice and information from blogs over other sources. These statistics should be enough to get you rearing to start your blogging engine.

Blogs can be used to: 1) generate leads, and 2) generate revenue. There are 4 ways that you can earn money through your blogging.

1. Advertising Banners

2. Affiliate Sales

3. CPM Advertising

4. PPC (Pay Per Click)

However, in order to make in money, you first need to get people to your blog. Getting people to read your blog, means you need to be blogging about stuff that people want to read, and that ‘stuff’ needs to be quality. Throwing random information out there and seeing what sticks is not going to cut it in the blogging world. With so many bloggers out there, it is crucial to implement these best blogging practices.

GreenRope’s blogging best practices:

1. Name it. Choose a good name and that includes your domain. Select a catchy name for your blog, and make sure that your domain name is easy to remember and fool proof to spell. The more accessible and memorable your name the more likely your blog will pop up in their mind.

2. Plan it. Do not just write a blog and post it. Not only is this going to be generic, people will be able to tell that there is very little thought behind it. Don’t be one of THOSE bloggers. Research is going to be what separates your blog from the rest. Really know and understand what you are talking about. Make sure you have examples, anecdotes, studies, statistics, etc. That way you make a compelling and thoughtful argument that is actually valuable and informational to your readers.

3. Write it. Once you have passed the planning stage, it’s time to start writing your content! Remember, blogs are not supposed to be formal and stuck-up, they are conversational and engaging. Do not try too hard to make your content sound fancy, make it sound REAL. Talk TO your readers, not AT them. This makes all the difference in how people perceive your blog. Worry more about the emotional impact of your piece rather than the actual writing. Make it so that people want to keep reading.

4. Market it. This is probably the hardest part of the blogging business. Reach out to other blogs in your industry. Build relationships. If you can strategize with other bloggers, websites, etc they can help build your traffic. Another great way to raise awareness is with guest blogging. Make a list of the top blogs in your industry and see if you can submit a guest post. Having these links back to your site are great for SEO. This is also a chance for you to showcase your expertise and thought leadership in your field.

We know that establishing a high traffic blog is no walk in the park; however, the time you spend putting in determines its success. If you follow these 4 simple tips, overtime, you will see increased traffic, more leads, and ultimately grow your business with your blog!  Never give up on your blog. As you continue blogging, your writing and strategies will improve and you will achieve blogging success!


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