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Written by Madison Potter

Using a CRM to Manage your Money

Each year, partners look for new and practical ways to enhance the effectiveness of their money management programs. Integrating money management with your CRM is key to having real-time, accurate data surrounding your business finances. When asking over a thousand business owners what their biggest challenges were related to running their business, it’s not surprising that money management issues topped this list. (Wasp Barcode Technologies, 2016).

A critical internal way to streamline this process is through utilizing your customer relationship management (CRM) system! Not only is all of your client data already integrated, but these reports and analytics help make valuable business decisions about what processes are influencing your ROI. 

This blog dives into:


What is budgeting? It is an important planning and forecasting process to help you manage your money by balancing your expenses with your income.


Although we’re focusing on GreenRope integrations and accounting features, these strategies can be helpful with using other CRM systems as well - so keep reading! A “Complete CRM” utilizes the integration between marketing, sales, and operations of the business. This connection helps build data accuracy and real-time updates for reporting.

Do you currently use accounting software?

If so, you can easily integrate this with your GreenRope CRM using one of our partnerships with Zapier and PieSync. These platforms act as a third party medium that allows you to set up the connection without dealing with the back-end API coding. Through these partnerships, GreenRope allows you to integrate with 50+ accounting specific platforms including Quickbooks, Xero, and FreshBooks to name a few.

  1. Zapier is a free platform that allows you to connect your apps and automate workflows. They help you set up easy automation for busy people by moving information between your web apps automatically, so you can focus on your most important work.



2. PieSync helps connect your cloud apps with their intelligent two-way contact sync. They focus on sharing data between your favorite marketing, CRM, invoicing and e-commerce apps.



Although both Zapier and PieSync offer accounting integration, here’s a comparison chart that lists out the subtle differences between them. It’s important to find out the best solution for your business in regards to a one way data push through Zapier, or setting up a two-way connection via PieSync!

Do you want to utilize GreenRope’s In-house Account Features?

Every GreenRope account includes full access to our accounting app. Using this feature further helps you integrate your business processes! Within the Account App page helps you to manage all of your income and expenses within the system.

Our accounting feature offers you an easy place to view and manage your finances, as well as income, expenses, and more. To do this, the page is broken into the following 4 quadrants: 

  • Top Left (Accounts) - this is where you set up your bank accounts, and manage your income and expense categories

  • Top Right (Receivables) - these are outstanding invoices and event payments due to you

  • Bottom Left (Journal) - enter the individual payments made and received here

  • Bottom Right (Reports) - this is a graphical or detailed text summary of your accounting



Among the many benefits of using GreenRope’s Accounting feature, a few include:

  • Complete integration with your client accounts, managing invoices, and payment tracking seamlessly
  • Tracking billable hours worked on projects, sales quotas, or other services offered through GreenRope’s features
  • Direct integration increases data availability and streamlines the money management process through real-time updates across the account
  • Update invoices, generate filtered reports, and exports based on cashflow

Turn Your Accounting App Into Your Personal Assistant

Once set up, GreenRope automatically tracks client accounts with income, expenses, and payments due. As you continue to interact with clients, you can manage the overall process through the Apps > Accounting page inside GreenRope. This takes the stress out of managing an external connection as the integration is already included in your subscription.

Do you want to use your existing account feature? When connecting with an external accounting system (through one of our partnerships), you’ll want to set up these key points of engagement. For example, you will create commands so that when one common business action happens, such as "QuickBooks received notification of a payment," it triggers another action automatically, such as "send a thank-you email to the client with the outstanding balance noted." You don't need to know how to write code to do it, either. By setting up the right commands (within triggers), you can turn your accounting app into your personal assistant. 

Tips on Consolidating Your Money Management

As intimidating as business accounting may seem, it is a very critical part of running a company. It’s probably the most important aspect of any successful business. You must start off right to ensure successful bookkeeping in the future, and for the life of your business. So, whether you are a numbers person or not, here are a few tips to help you establish healthy bookkeeping habits!

  1. Go Paperless - Trying to keep track of all your paper can get messy. Find an accounting software that works for you. Keeping things digital is easier to manage, and will make you more efficient and productive in the long run. GreenRope’s accounting feature was designed to make this connection seamless, however, we also love any of the Intuit QuickBooks bookkeeping software.
  2. Keep on Tracking - Track all of your costs, and don’t forget to keep track of your time. Time is money, after all. GreenRope’s Project Management tool helps manage the tasks, time, and billing among your team and clients. With having it inbuilt into the CRM, you can easily pull up reports, charge clients for hours worked, and even keep track of payroll!
  3. Never Mix Business with Pleasure - It might seem tempting to mix and mingle personal finances with business finances. Stay clear of this mistake. When it comes to tracking your expenses, especially for taxes, it’s important to know precisely what was a business expense and what was personal. If you start mixing the two, lines blur, books get messy, and so do your finances. 
  4. Reinvest Profits Into The Business - Building a strong foundation, especially in the finance department, is key to your business success. This way when you hit a rough patch you have a nest to pull from. You want to build a sustainable business, not a money sucker.

Managing your finances allow your business to create a well informed spending plan. This planning process helps your team prioritize your spending and focus your money on the things that are most important to growing your business. Integrating a CRM into this process increases the availability of real-time data and will make a world of a difference with understanding your financial standing. 


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