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Impressive Women in Business Today

By Tatiana Ceresa

This is a common topic of discussion in today’s business world. Over the past few years, many intelligent women have proven themselves as equals or superiors to men in business. It is no longer about gender but about skill, intelligence, and an understanding of today’s digital evolution for business. As a small business, we want to recognize some very impressive women who are also in the startup and small business world.  


Alex Wise

  1. Alexandra Wise, Blush Botanicals            

Alex founded Blush Botanicals in 2009 when she discovered her passion for floral and event design. Alex left her career at Merrill Lynch and began her full service event design company and never looked back. What’s her advice?


“Concentrate on being yourself,” says Alex. “Be unique and look to the future instead of simply being better than your competition.”

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  1. Jamie Lynn Sigler, J Public Relationstimthumb

Jamie cofounded J Public Relations in 2005 and is now regarded as one of the top travel and hospitality firms in the industry. JPR and Jamie herself embodies the notion of girl power. With an all women staff and pink as their color, Jamie Lynn demonstrates what it means to be a powerful yet feminine leader in business.

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  1. Anita Campbell, Small Biz Trendssmallbiz trends ceo

Anita founded the award-winning online publication for small business owners entrepreneurs began the

site as a hub for her own articles, however it quickly grew into something much larger. It is now one of the most high traffic websites focused on small business. Her most important piece of advice for women starting a business is, “Stick with it!” As she continues her successful journey as a small business influencer, I encourage everyone who reads this to visit Small Biz Trends!

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I applaud these impressive women for their drive and motivation. The digital revolution fosters an environment where women can lead and innovate. We only hope to see more women on the tech front!



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