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10 Surprising Things You Didn't Know About Client Service Manager, Kayla Stallings

As we continue to strengthen our amazing support team we are thrilled to introduce Kayla Stallings, our newest Client Service Manager. With over 10 years of customer service and graphic design experience, she has already made a huge impact at GreenRope with her innovative, out of the box, thinking!  With a Bachelor's in Strategic Communication from Texas Christian University, she is always looking for a creative way to help everyone around her. When she isn’t actively looking for something new to learn, someone to help, or looking at GreenRope Opportunities in a whole new way, she can be found making something creative with her hands, roller skating, or playing D&D.

Here are 10 surprising things you didn’t know about Kayla

  1. Kayla is a Dungeon Master for a couple different campaigns for friends and family.   
  2. She was born in Germany on an USAF base.   
  3. She once worked at Disney World for a summer in Magic Kingdom selling light up toys.   
  4. From time to time you can catch her watching anime, with her all time favorite being Ouran HighSchool Host Club and current favorite being Demon Slayer (RIP Rengoku).   
  5. One of her many passions is creating art of pretty much any kind, from resin to graphic design, or candle making to finger painting with her daughter and partner.   
  6. At home, she goes by eomma (엄마), which is Korean for mom.   
  7. Kayla has a deep love for cats and has a Corgi/Retriever mix. She has short legs but will knock you over when she runs past you!    Has started learning how to roller skate and has only fallen once.   
  8. She is a proud graduate of Texas Christian University after transferring from Sam Houston State.   
  9. Dreams of flying away in the TARDIS for “just a day”, reading at a coffee shop in Italy, and going on adventures with her family.


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