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Digital Transformation: The Tool To Adapt To The Post-Covid Business World

To say that 2020 was the year of the unexpected would be a gross understatement. The shifts in our business and social relation due to the pandemic and its resulting guidelines and effects are enormous. Businesses have especially been affected by lockdown practices, and companies have had to re-imagine what their business models look like and how they execute them.

The biggest shift has been the digital migration of businesses to the online space for administration, operation, and sales services. Since the pandemic offers a lot of instability for the business world, the only sure way to succeed is to enact practices that will ensure a digital transformation for your business. This is a great way to make sure your business is still viable in case there is another lockdown, and online transactions are all there is.

How to Carry Through Your Digital Migration

1. Invest In The Right Technology

A digital migration without the right tools is impossible. That is why you and your team need to invest in the right technology for automation and integration of your business processes. One such technology is the incorporation of CRM systems into your business. Customer relationship management is the process of managing interactions with existing and prospective customers during the sales process. 

A good CRM system should be able to collect contact data beyond the cliché address and email. It is this type of quality data that will enable you to establish excellent customer relations. Combining this with great social media interactions, and you will be converting leads into sales like dough into cookies.

GreenRope is a complete CRM which of course allows you to store and update contact information, but also provides powerful automation tools to allow you to interact with those contacts. Send them email using a Drip Campaign so they receive steady information from your company. Create a workflow to tailor their journey based on their demographics or actions they’ve taken (or not taken!). Evaluate trends to plan your next campaign, or use A/B testing to make sure you are sending the right message.

With GreenRope, everything is stored in a single database so all departments work on the same data. You have a 360 degree view of a contact, what they’ve received from your marketing department, conversations they’ve had with your sales department, questions your customer service department has helped them with, even which events they’ve attended. With all the tools built into one product with shared data, you’re bringing the right technology to your business.

2. Have Your Entire Team Onboard With You

The success of any new business integration is to be on the same page as a team or company. Begin by having your team understand and value the mission and vision of your company and how these new strategies will be monumental in driving your company closer to achieving them.

Give the team a say in the systems they believe would function best for them. For example, have your team provide input on your CRM system. Get their feedback on the workflow, the necessary features that the software should have, and which processes they would like to automate. Having the whole team buy in on the CRM will establish cohesiveness and completeness.

Most importantly, once you have your CRM in place, make sure your entire team can access it. GreenRope provides unlimited users so each person can uniquely login, which also gives accountability within the system. 

Training your team to properly use the systems is also important. Make sure that the information in the system can be available and easily accessed by all departments. Using GreenRope’s Shared Access, you can assign just the right permissions to give each user access to what they need, in a layout that emphasizes what’s important to them, and prevents them from working in areas outside of their scope.

3. Model A Leadership Culture To Incorporate The New Systems

Organizational culture refers to a pattern of basic shared assumptions, values, and norms that the organization learns as it continually solves its problems. These patterns can be taught to new members as a correct way to perceive, think and feel regarding those problems.

This means that there needs to be a cultural foundation that upholds the integration of these systems. Infrastructures should be put in place to make the organization ready for digital migration and other customer-oriented business processes such as CRM. Cross-functional co-cooperation with the organization, and having quality customer data is a great place to start.

4. Invest In Remote Team Management

Boardroom meetings have been kicked out of the window now that the rules and regulations surrounding COVID-19 are restricting face to face meetings. Remote working is now the norm, and managing a remote team is a little different than in-person. To manage your teams remotely, start by having a scheduled daily check-in with them to keep projects rolling. 

Keep in constant communication with the different team members through the use of different technological tools. In these communications, state and manage your expectations while focusing on outcomes rather than the in-between activities that you have little control over. Through this period, it is important to remain flexible and to make sure your team is provided with the necessary resources to succeed.

A strong tool to help monitor and maintain communication is the Project Manager built into GreenRope. Create a list of tasks to be completed within a project. Establish deadlines, either as calendar dates or relative dates based on the completion dates of other tasks. Assign a team member to each task and use a timer to track hours spent on each task or project. Notifications and To Do lists highlight upcoming activities and overdue items. Managers see an overview of the project and its progress in a Gantt chart or Kanban board.

5. Develop A Unique Online Customer Experience

The shift of businesses to the digital space has necessitated the building of strong online presences and interactions. To offer great experiences for your clientele, it is important first to understand your audience to tailor the experience according to your niche.

Customers want to know you are listening and you should provide them many ways to reach you. GreenRope offers a variety of tools to interact with your clients. Send a survey to learn about their needs or how satisfied they are with their interactions with your company. Provide a sign up form to gather their information. Create a website that reflects your business and gives your customer easy access to your company message. Send a text and collect their verbal or numerical response. Connect a chat feature that captures the conversation and adds it to their contact record.

Your experiences should also be shaped to match your business vision and mission. Reverse engineer the experiences you would like to deliver and stick to good design presentations and eliminate bad design from early on.

Where to Get Started?

Having established the importance of digital migration, you are probably wondering how to integrate all these practices as part of your 2021 business resolutions. GreenRope’s complete CRM has solutions to help you transition smoothly into the different digital spaces. We are an integrated CRM marketing and automation platform that meets the needs of sales, marketing, and operations departments by tying the three together. Integration helps avoid data loss, keeps data accurate, and increases productivity. It also allows a business to offer an omnichannel customer experience. Join us today and have your digital transformation fully integrated.


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