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3 Great Ways Marketing Automation Helps Lead Nurturing



One of the little-known truths about marketing is that it is a constant process. Nothing is set it and forget it. While most businesses hope that one winning advertising campaign will keep them in the minds of customers forever, that usually is not the case. Successful marketing is not just about witty catchphrases and professionally designed graphics, but about the effort you put in. And luckily, technology is evolving fast enough to help marketers automate and use their time more efficiently. Truly a winning combination. 

Marketing automation is not necessarily a new development, but it is gaining far more traction as businesses continue to scale for digital growth. It allows companies to meld sales, marketing, and operations together to help build a smooth omnichannel experience for the customer, while also simplifying the internal lead nurturing process. 

1) Personalized from the start

The first step in developing a solid lead nurturing strategy is to understand the customer and personalize their experience from the beginning. From the first time they hit one of your landing pages, you want them to be yours. First, you want them to feel like there is a human element to your business, and that you are putting in the effort to earn their business. Marketing automation helps you apply personalization strategies on a larger scale, without losing momentum in the customer journey. For example, personalizing landing pages is a great start. Then, once they give you their information, use the information collected (and data from third-party sources) to personalize the communication. 

So thinking back to the journey, think of what information you need to ensure that you are able to contact leads effectively. This allows you to start the lead journey off right, without losing a personal touch. Leads need to be nurtured by demonstrating that you care, and this is the first step towards that path. This makes their initial step a personalized one and builds a better connection that will work in your favor. 

2) Tailored content

The next step in the lead nurturing process is to highlight what makes you unique. Sometimes, people need to be convinced...but you might not have enough time to compile that information time and time again. Eventually, you get slowed down, you stop responding and the leads dry up. Marketing automation helps you avoid this scenario, and continue building a relationship through tailored content.

Once you have their email and other initial information, start sending them a series of automatic educational emails that include links to comparisons, reviews, testimonials, etc. This step is all about providing tailored, actionable content that provides value. It not only sells your brand but also gives them helpful information. This is fundamental for building trust and moving towards the next step. 

3) Targeted offers

Once you have garnered their attention and established trust, the next step is to think about what to offer to entice them further towards conversion. You could continue to send content, but that might not do the trick. The best method is to provide targeted offers that encourage them to convert. This could be in the form of automatic emails with offers or promotions, or having seasonal promotions go out automatically to new leads. 

Either way, the goal is to gain trust by showing that you have their best interests at heart, and marketing automation helps accomplish that. It gives you the means to send out personalized, tailored content that actually builds a connection with the customer without resorting to any sort of generic sales tactics. With the right strategy and software in place, marketing automation can be an instrumental part of your overall sales infrastructure and provide real value. 

Marketing automation allows businesses to save time and convert more by streamlining process details about users. This allows you to get the right message out to the right customer, without needing constant manual attention.

Instead of spending time building out time-consuming campaigns, you can use marketing automation to help expedite the process without making the process seem too impersonal. To learn more about the value of marketing automation, and how our CRMs can help your business, please contact us today.


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