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May 2023 System Updates

May 2023 GreenRope System Updates


Apps > Ticketing > Ticket Categories - workflows can now be activated when tickets are submitted in a given category 


CRM Ticketing


Account Settings

Settings > Account > Contact Info - account owners will start seeing aerial renderings of their addresses 


Google Maps Integration



Contacts > Research - all contacts research functions are now free and included with every active account!!!! 


Free Contact Research


Contacts > Reports > Custom - initial release of custom reporting module more charts and using AI to build personas from contacts 


CRM Reporting


Contacts > Reports > Opportunities > History - top chart that shows historical values of opportunities now also shows historical weighted value


CRM Opportunities Reports


Booking Calendar

Booking Calendar - the approval email now has a new "Approve with Comment" button on it that allows the calendar manager to add a comment to the event notes before approving 



Website > Store - categories can now be organized into a tree-like structure with up to 4 subcategories


Online Ecommerce


Alert NotficationAlert: Important News from Twilio on all SMS/MMS CampaignsAlert Exclaim Notfication

Act now by submitting an A2P application!

Effective July 5, 2023, all SMS and MMS messages sent to U.S. phone numbers using 10DLC phone numbers must be sent via a registered application-to-person (A2P) campaign. Messages sent using unregistered phone numbers will be subject to a gradual increase of message blocking by Twilio, beginning on July 5, 2023, ultimately leading to a full block of all unregistered U.S.-bound messages sent after August 31, 2023.

To note:

  • If you have already registered your account through the A2P process, you do not need to do so again. This only applies to accounts that have not registered.

Haven't registered yet? Do not fret! Head over to your SMS/MMS/Voice dashboard (Communicate > SMS / MMS / Voice) and select the A2P Registration button in the top right-hand corner to submit your application.


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