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As GreenRope’s Chief Technology Officer, Lyle Hopkins, drives the development, integration, and transition of next-generation solutions that continually advance the company’s current software and future technology pursuits. In his spare time he is a dedicated student, teacher, and practitioner of Kickboxing & fitness.  


Here are ten things you may not have known about Lyle: 


1. He won 13 kickboxing titles in his competition days, including a national full contact champion! 

2. He went back to college as an adult and thrived beyond expectations ending his student career with straight A’s in each class he attended. 

3. He used to be a nightclub bouncer.

4. He has an academic interest in computational biology.

5. He is a licensed bodyguard, move over Kevin Costner!

6. He is learning Russian.

7. He has been learning Judo and recently won a Judo championship.

8. He has an impressive Champagne collection.

9. He was on a university rowing team. 

10. He has created his own weight loss diet program to encourage others to lose weight.


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