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October 2020 System Updates

As we transition into the fall months we are happy to share with you all the newest features and updates to the GreenRope system based on your feedback. 

Here are all the updates and new features we added in October: 


App Updates 

Importing Wiki files - we’ve made it easy to duplicate group specific wiki files so they are accessible to multiple groups. This is done by going to Apps > Wiki > select the “import” link to copy an entire wiki folder from one group to another. 



Wiki Hierarchy - You can now have multiple sublevels as part of the hierarchy in your wiki files. Create sublevels by going to Apps > Wiki and new as many different wiki topics you would like in up to four different levels of hierarchy.  



Email Updates

EasyBuilder Section Duplicator - We’ve made editing the EasyBuilder Editor sections that much easier by creating a duplicate button. This new blue Duplicate button (click the pencil next to the section) will copy any section so you can take the guesswork out of creating the perfect template for your emailing needs. 



EasyBuilder Background Image - The Background section now allows you to experience selecting background images with much more ease with a better UI for the selector, showing a thumbnail in the dropdown and also having a search function at the top. 


EasyBuilder Image Selector - the "Image" section of the Email EasyBuilder has been updated to make image selection that much easier by it now being just an image, not wrapped in a <div> tag. 




CRM Updates

CRM Activity alert emails now have the activity type in the subject line. Use this to better organize your inbox by filtering for subject keywords. Previously the subject lines just said "New CRM activity assigned to you". Example of the new subject line using “Phone Call”:



Contact Asterisk - You can now see exactly which groups a contact’s activities are associated with at a glance with the addition of the asterisk (*) symbol. Contact details > CRM panel > New/Edit Activities - the Associated With group selected includes an asterisk (*) next to groups the contact is currently in.




Automation Updates

Opportunity Titles - Now, when creating workflows that trigger an Opportunities you can assign a default title to those various opportunities. 


Journeys Delay - There is a new Delay option associated with the journey path that allows you to delay a trigger until a specific day of the month.



Zapier Trigger - We now have a new Zapier trigger for when invoices are paid. 


Stripe Update - Stripe now integrated into invoice, website storefront, and event registration payment with sanitized card info in the CRM and signup forms. 


Journeys - boxes are color coded by type once saved (4 Oct 2020)


Calendar Updates

Booking Calendar Speed - We have successfully deployed a new caching system for external webcals integrated into the booking calendar to increase speed. 


LMS Updates

Improved visibility - We’ve added additional visibility to the student portal. Students can now navigate through different chapters and modules with ease on a mobile device without continual scrolling. 


Course Stats - Located at the top of every course inside your LMS is now an area with stats relevant to the course including the total number of graduates, number of students in progress, the latest graduate, and average time to finish that particular course. 





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