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Gmail Schema: Get Noticed in the Inbox


A good marketing campaign has little value if there is no call to action. When it comes to email marketing, often times this can be difficult to achieve. In today’s day and age, emails flood in from more sources and at a higher frequency than ever before. Sometimes emails are too lengthy to get to the point, too clustered to engage users, or too unattractive to get opened.

It takes the necessary tools to ensure effective email marketing. This includes a great subject line, a reliable sending platform, and a call to action. Now, we have a new tool for you that can help with these call to actions – Gmail Schema. Gmail Schema is a tool that empowers your emails with calls to action to increase user engagement.

By adding Gmail Schema to your emails, you allow your Gmail recipients to see highlighted information that draws increased attention and promotes specific actions within GreenRope:

·      Email confirmation actions for Signup Forms

·      Ticket updates/confirmation actions for Ticketing Forms

All too often, your clients miss an important memo on needing to confirm their email, or check ticket updates. Having a special confirmation button directly in their main inbox view decreases the chances of these important notifications. These action buttons also direct users immediately to the specified form or page.

To set up Gmail Schema for your account, you first must have your SPF and DKIM records in place. To clarify what exactly these alphabet soup bits are – SPF and DKIM essentially key components to ensure effective email deliverability, making sure your message reaches its destination. Learn more about SPF and DKIM here.

Once these are set up, you can proceed with setting up your Gmail Schema. For Signup Forms - you will first go to Website > Signup Forms and fill out your specified form, in order to receive a confirmation email. When you have received your confirmation email, go to Website >Signup Forms and follow the link to register with Gmail. You will be provided with an application form to be on Google’s whitelist. This ensures that you’re a “safe sender”. You will need to provide the date, time, and subject line of the confirmation email. From there, Google will contact you regarding your whitelist approval, and if they have any other questions.

If you want to add Gmail Schema for ticketing forms, you will follow the same steps as required by Signup Forms, but instead you will go to your specified ticket form.

In conclusion, Gmail Schema not only assists you in getting your message across, but it assists your users to easily go where they need to. Maximize customer engagement, which in turn, increases customer retention and team productivity. Increased action is now just a click away!


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