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5 Ways to Give Thanks to Your Clients This Holiday Season


"People will forget what you said. They will forget what you did. But they will never forget how you made them feel." – Maya Angelou


Despite all the automation and hacks available to us, nothing builds a successful business relationship quite the same way as a genuine “thank you.”  

Acknowledging your customers and the support they have given you is essential to maintaining that loyal relationship. When you understand that every client interaction and every business decision you make revolves around the customer and their needs, an authentic thank you, showing them that you care and appreciate them, is key to keeping your business on a positive track to success. 

It is important to take the extra effort to show your clients special appreciation to make them feel heard, seen, and most importantly - valued. There are many ways you can build that positive momentum with your clients this holiday season. Here are five of our favorite ways to say ‘thank you’. 


A heartfelt thank you letter to show customer appreciation

With emails, texts, and social media being the go-to method of communication these days, a heartfelt thank you letter/card sent to you clients the old-fashioned way - to their physical mailbox, goes a long way with client satisfaction. 

When formatting your message, pause to think about what that specific client has meant to your organization and personalize your note to them with details about what you’re thankful for and what that person means to you. Remember, at the core of any business it is real people engaging with other real people. Sending a heartfelt note from one person (you) to another (your client) about how they have made a difference in your life, and the life of your business is incredibly meaningful and will go a long way in maintaining long-lasting relationships.




Give a thoughtful gift

The holiday season is a great time to show your clients gratitude by showering them with gifts. A small physical token, such as some fun company swag, is a great way to say thank you while creating a little extra brand awareness. Pairing your company logo on a shirt, mug, mouse pad, etc. with a small handwritten note will surely bring a smile to your client’s face as they open your unexpected gift. 


Give back

A great alternative to sending a gift to each of your clients is to donate in their name instead. Find a charity near and dear to your heart that aligns with your personal and professional values and send information about the charitable organization to your clients. Be sure to include a thank you note for all they have done for you and your business this year. Be sure to include why you chose that particular organization and what the donation is going toward. 

Take it one step further and implement a donation program into your everyday business with a percentage of each purchase going to the charitable organization your company chooses to support. 


Pay it forward

The pandemic caused a lot of heartache and trouble for many of us, both personally and professionally on a variety of levels. Why not use this opportunity to help others find a little light during dark times? Offering discounted or free services to help aid in the success of your clients is the definition of going above and beyond for the people that are also helping to propel your business forward. During the pandemic, GreenRope has been offering free accounts to non-profit organizations, the organizations at the forefront of this crazy time in society. Click here to learn more about our free NPO program. 


Don’t Forget to Check In

Sure, you could send just another automated email to your clients to check in. But why not stand out and be more creative with your follow ups? A more personal email, a handwritten note, or better yet take the time to make a phone call to reconnect with your clients on a personal level. Let the client know you care about their success by expressing it with an upbeat positive tone of voice while taking that opportunity to personally thank them for their business. 

No matter how you decide to do it, sharing gratitude with your clients is imperative to the success of your relationship and at the end of the day, your client relationship is what makes your business thrive. Without them, your business won't fare well in even the smoothest waters. So, let them know how important they are to you, from one person to another. 


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