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October 2021 System Updates

Like the leaves turning colors and falling from trees, GreenRope is making some amazing feature updates this fall.

Here are you October 2021 system updates.

Website Tracking

Website > Tracking > Pages & Scores - We made searching for pages much easier now by adding a filter function to the upper right corner of the page.  

Website > Tracking - We added a new tab to the tracking options titled “Compare”. Here you can see chats with different date ranges next to each other.

Website > Tracking > Locations - You can now search for all/known/unknown contacts by location to see number of pageviews, number of visitors, pages per visit, session duration, bounce rate 


Website > Tracking > Referrers - There are now charts for referrers comparing visitors, pages per session, session time, and bounce rate by domain and referrer type. We also added separate stack elements in the columns for known/unknown users and legend to show/hide each



Apps > Ticketing - when looking at a ticket details screen you will notice a new button at the top allows for reassigning the ticket. 

Apps > Ticketing > Search - new search criteria for who the ticket is assigned to


Help > Cheat Sheets - new account setup cheat sheet. Click here to access it online or navigate to your Help page to download it anytime. 


Settings > Account > Integration - We are happy to now be able to offer a new integration with UK Companies House. 


Settings > Email/Web Options > Configure IMAP > Ignore Email Domains 

Account Settings

Settings > Account - new setting for Sounds that plays instrumental sounds instead of electronic sounds for project timer and collaboration notification 

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