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                                                                                                    Written by: Theodore DeBettencourt

Generate 40% More Leads With Website Chat 

What’s the easiest way for a website visitor to contact your business?  Phone call? Website Form? Live Chat? What’s the path of least resistance?  

Let’s look at the visitors’ path for a form submission:

  1. The visitor needs to proactively seek to contact the business.

  2. Then fill out numerous form fields.

  3. Then hit send and wait for an email or phone reply.

  4. Average time investment: 2-3 minutes to fill out the form then typically hours or days to get a reply.

Next, let's review the visitors’ path for a phone call?

  1. The visitor needs to proactively seek to contact the business.

  2. The visitor then needs to click/dial and call.

  3. The visitor then will either get options to connect to the right department, get an admin assistant, or speak with a rep.

  4. The visitor will then need to verbally state their problem/question.

    • And hope they’re speaking with someone who can answer their questions or address their problems.

  5. Average time investment: 3 minutes to numerous days depending on the business and their internal lead follow up process.

Now let’s look at chat done right.

  1. The visitor needs to REACTIVELY respond to a chat rep asking if they can help them.

  2. The visitor can choose to ignore or type their short question.

  3. The visitor will then get their questions answered and can be asked further qualification questions immediately.

  4. Average time investment:  30 seconds to 4 minutes depending on the nature of the question.

Working with hundreds of businesses having full visibility into all their leads, we see that chat is the communication method that your website visitors will use with the greatest frequency, and in turn, it will increase your visitor-to-qualified-lead ratio more than any other contact method - when used effectively.  Here I’ll shed some light on the different types of chat solutions so your business can select and use the type that will drive up to 40% more leads.

At its peak effectiveness live website chat is equivalent to the sales associate at the Gap asking you “Are you finding everything ok?”  Maybe at first you don’t think you need their help, but when you don’t see the size 34 cargo shorts in light gray on the rack, you ask the associate if they have them in the back.  Chat increases engagements with your website visitors in a way that no other Call to Action can.

Live website chat facilitates conversations with website visitors and turns those visitors into meetings, demos, and intro calls with members of your sales teams or business owners.

Here at Juvo Leads, we work with GreenRope so you can track all your form leads, phone leads, and now Juvo Chat Leads straight from your GreenRope dashboard.  Juvo Leads live chat users see, on average, an increase of 40% in TOTAL qualified leads from using live website.

Chat is not a one size fits all solution.  Some solutions are a better fit based on the business needs.  There is, however, one UNIVERSAL LIVE WEBSITE CHAT RULE.


A website visitor that starts a chat waits 25+ seconds -  is no longer a chatter - they’re a former chatter. 

Now let’s take a look at the 4 different types of Chat Solutions a business can use to get more new business. 

  1.  Do It Yourself Chat software (olark,, zendesk)

  2.  Bot Chat + Hybrid DIY (Intercom, Drift, WalkMet)

  3.  Faux Chat

  4.  Done for You Chat  (Juvo Leads)

Do It Yourself Chat software (, zendesk)

Summary:  Do It Yourself chats have been around for 6+ years and are generally a software only solution that you can install on any website.



Speed of implementation


Staffing - who answers these chats during business hours?

Staffing - who answers chats night and weekends?

Staffing - how long is the average time to reply?

Staffing - are chats getting missed?

Staffing - are you converting chats into meetings or answering subject matter questions?

Staffing - employee costs

DIY - Best Fit

Enterprise level business that can staff a 24/7 team to answer chats.

Bot Chat + Hybrid DIY (Intercom, Drift, WalkMe)

Summary:   Bot chat or Hybrid bot/DIY chat is typically a software solution where the user writes predetermined rules to fire off a series of questions to a visitor and based on certain responses will speak with a live rep at the company.


Great for Customer Support

Limits overhead for Support Staff

Highly Customizable

Funnel chats to the right department


Low Conversion Rates for Leads

Low Engagement

Time required to write rules

Still needs to staff to answer some questions 

Bot Chat + Hybrid DIY Best Fit

Any business that has a lot of support questions or high support call-in volume can benefit from a bot/hybrid solution.  Also, an organization with a 3+ person sales team in place who will be dedicated to answering chats.

Faux Chat

Not really worthy of its own category, but many new live website chat interfaces serve up a chat interface but force you to enter your email to start “a chat”.  Once you enter your email to start the “chat” you learn no one is online and that the business just wanted to collect your email so they can add you to their mailing list.

We call this Faux Chat - because it’s really just a sneaky form submission.

Live Website Chat Service (

Summary:  Done-for-you chat - supplying live website chat software and 24/7/365 agents to convert your website visitors questions into qualified leads.


Highest Converting

Earn leads when you sleep with 24/7/365

Pays for itself

Fully Staffed


Not good at Support

Not for every business

Live Website Chat Service - Best Fit

Fully staffed live website chat works best on lead generation sites where the average customer, client, or patient lifetime value is $1000 or more and the business isn’t large enough to justify hiring and training their own 24/7 staff.  

To try Juvo Leads live website chat for a free 30-day no obligation trial signup here:


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