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10 Surprising things you didn’t know about Staff Accountant, Chris Ramirez. 

As GreenRope’s staff accountant, Chris plays a vital role on our tight-knit team. He supports our entire team by providing financial leadership, while also developing unbreakable bonds with our diverse client base. When Chris isn’t crunching numbers and aiding in the success of GreenRope, he can often be found covered in flour as he works to become a master baker! We love having Chris on our team, not only for his financial knowledge and skills, but also because he spoils us with all his many delicious treats! 


Here are ten things you may not have known about Chris:  

  1. He is addicted to food competition television shows - hopefully we’ll see him on one soon!
  2. His parents are first-generation immigrants from El Salvador.
  3. Chris is fluent in Spanish and also speaks a bit of French.
  4. In addition to GreenRope, Chris is also a Baker at Clayton’s Bakery & Bistro - be sure to pop in and say hello, we recommend picking up a dozen cookies, a few pastries, maybe a cake or two, and/or some homemade bagels and breads, just to name a few of our favorites. 
  5. He loves horror movies and comedies. Anyone up for a night of Friday the 13th or Mrs. Doubtfire? Classics that top Chris’ favorites list with the entire Child’s Play & Scream series, any good 80’s horror movie. Also topping his comedic list is Clue, Airplane, Spaceballs, and Clueless just to name a few. 
  6. He thinks of himself as very introverted, but still loves to host and entertain.
  7. He dreams of going on a food tour in Europe and taking baking classes.
  8. Chris has been working as a bookkeeper for 13 years. He started his own business in 2016.
  9. He loves to dance.
  10. Chris is a fan of almost all genres of music, but there is no two-stepping in his kitchen! 



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