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10 Surprising things you didn’t know about Software Developer, Anderson Manly

Anderson manages systems and software at GreenRope, specializing in Linux systems administration and Perl software development. He currently resides in the beautiful Pacific Northwest and is a long-time resident of Washington state. Anderson has a passion for aviation, and has a love of all things that fly. He holds a pilot certificate and, along with his two sons, travels across the country, visiting new and interesting places along the way. Anderson’s a cat person, but we don’t hold that against him.

Here are a few surprising things you didn't about Software Developer, Anderson Manly:

  1. He lives the RV camper life 8 months out of the year in Illinois - Brrr.
  2. He’s an FAA certificated pilot, owns his own airplane, and enjoys flying all over the U.S.
  3. He was born and raised in Alaska, and despite not having lived there since his teens, he still considers Juneau, AK his hometown.
  4. He served in the US Army, and for 5 years, was assigned to the White House Communications Agency, traveling across the world in direct support of the President and Vice President.
  5. He’s the caretaker for Ted, an adopted black cat who was evidently raised with dogs because he wags his tail like one.
  6. He enjoys cartooning and was once a contributing cartoonist for a small Inland Northwest magazine called “ComputorLink” 
  7. He’s a recently sworn-in posse deputy for the Klickitat County Sheriff’s office.
  8. He is the father of two wonderful teenage (!!) boys. 
  9. He enjoys building and flying RC airplanes.
  10. He enjoys the solitude of summer time motorcycle rides through the forest roads of the Pacific Northwest.







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