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We feel lucky to be in the lives of our clients and what better way to show our continued appreciation than with much requested system updates? Here is a list of a few of our most notable system upgrades and updates! Do you have a suggestion? Email us anytime. 


Company Data in Contact Details:

You can now set your company data preference to show either expanded or compressed when viewing the contact details. Settings > Account > Contact Data Settings



Signup Forms

When a form is submitted and confirmed, the notification email now includes the datetime and account time zone at the bottom of that email. Website > Signup Forms > Options > Notification Email 



On the Group Folder organizer page (click “Group” to the left of the group dropdown box) we added a “New Group” button, allowing you to create a new group and organize it into a folder on the same page. 



On the same Group Folder organizer page you can now click any group name in the left column to launch the Group Settings page.


To-Do List

CRM activities on the To-Do Lists located on the Dashboard and Contact pages now show comments for those activities.



Workflows that set opportunities to a Closed phase can now set the outcome reason within the workflow itself. Automation > Workflow Manager 



Contacts > Reports > Opportunities - new report for Win/Loss Outcomes, showing the value and number of opportunities won/lost for reasons defined in Settings > Opportunities (6 Mar 2022)



Settings > Opportunities - new tab for Outcomes, which allow you to specify the reasons why an opportunity was won/lost, after which they're defined, you will see checkboxes when editing/viewing opportunities (5 Mar 2022)




Custom Objects - all objects must be deleted now before a user can delete an object definition (2 Mar 2022)




SMS - inbound SMS messages can be assigned as CRM activities done by a user for any number (1 Mar 2022)




When creating new projects, you can choose to copy a previously created task associated with another project and preserve the stage the tasks are in Apps > Projects



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