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Introducing Artificial Intelligence Tools: Unveiling GreenRope's New AI and Free Contact Research Features

GIG HARBOR, WA - MAY 17, 2023: GreenRope is thrilled to announce the launch of new AI features, integrated seamlessly into every account. Using the power of Open AI, GreenRope marks a significant leap forward for artificial intelligence capabilities in the CRM space. These tools are set to redefine the way businesses harness the power of intelligent automation.

With the rapid advancement of AI technology, the experts at GreenRope have worked hard to develop features that enhance efficiency, productivity, and accuracy for clients in every industry. New AI and free contact research features, found inside GreenRope's complete CRM platform, are designed to empower businesses with intuitive automation tools that streamline workflows and unlock unprecedented possibilities for growth.

GreenRope’s new AI features include:

  • Contact Profiles: GreenRope’s contact records now offer a comprehensive contact profile module, which enables users to gather contact information from many sources. This module scans the web, social media platforms, as well as data gathered from your GreenRope account, providing you with accurate contact details.
  • Generate Content with AI: Our content generation tool creates perfect scripts for emails and marketing campaigns. The response provided is based on your contacts' demographic & behavioral data.

“Making AI easy to use and integrated directly into CRM is a huge step forward for both sales and marketing professionals,” says GreenRope CEO, Lars Helgeson. “Helping our clients save time and giving them the tools to communicate effectively is our highest purpose. Now, with the AI integration GreenRope offers, leveraging our platform has never been easier. We work tirelessly to bring the state-of-the-art to our clients. Providing the latest AI tools is just another method we provide to fuel growth to our ecosystem.”

Along with AI features, GreenRope has made their intuitive Contact Research tool free of cost. Through a partnership with data providers, we can research Contacts in your CRM to find more information about them. Once gathered, this info automatically populates their contact record. Using both AI and Contact Research significantly cuts down on time spent searching online for valuable insights. With accurate information only a few clicks away, it is easier than ever to start marketing your business digitally.

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Since 2008, GreenRope's mission has been to resolve the challenges of managing business operations by providing cloud-based, integrated software that is effective and affordable. GreenRope streamlines key operations, including e-commerce, accounting, CRM, email marketing, mobile marketing, calendaring, websites, social media, and more, into one platform. By using GreenRope, companies can reduce their marketing and CRM software expenses by an estimated 80%. GreenRope's affordable pricing plans start as low as $99/month. Visit for more information.



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