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May 2024 System Updates

Welcome to the GreenRope May 2024 System Updates blog! This month, we are excited to share several new features and improvements designed to enhance your experience and streamline your workflow. From updates to our AI models and contact records to enhancements for our VAR partners and website tracking capabilities, our latest updates aim to provide you with more powerful tools for a smoother user experience. Read on to discover the details of these exciting new developments and how they can benefit your business.

AI Updates

AI - updated models to use new GPT-4o

Contact Records

Contact details - the Print function now hides the icons near the Mobile and Phone fields

Contacts > View CRM > List view - decimal and integer user fields will display with commas for better readability

Contacts > Detailed contact view > CRM Panel - quotes/invoices widget will show an envelope icon with mouseover text for the datetime when it has been sent

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Updated library for number rendering for phone/mobile/fax fields

CRM Activities

Contacts > Reports > CRM Activities > Engagement by Activity - this report now includes Invoices Due and Invoices Paid as measures of engagement so you can see how many and which contacts in a group have had invoices due or paid in a time span

Screenshot 2024-05-24 at 9.11.26AM.png

Recurring CRM activities can now be scheduled for every Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/etc (can also be set by activities created by workflows)

VAR Partners

For VAR partners - new special widget to allow access to subaccounts on the dashboard

For VAR partners - new selector in Portal Manager > View Portal Options that allows turning the link to Olark on the Help page on or off

For VAR partners - streamlined access to the portal manager, so it will automatically load navigation for the portal manager

For VAR partners - in the portal manager, next to the account search is a new magnify icon to list accounts to pick

For VAR partners - if user is the account manager for a portal manager account, there is now a link the Settings dropdown to go directly to the Portal Manager

Website Tracking

Settings > Account - you can specify filtered IP addresses to automatically be filtered out in website tracking across all groups


Apps > Ticketing - in the Public Form editor, there's a new field for Check User Field Email, which allows you to store an alternate email address in a user field and if the ticket is submitted by that email address, it will automatically connect the ticket to that contact's primary CRM record


Contacts > View CRM > Opportunities - Updated design of the opportunities kanban board to have white cards, path color is the opportunity title text color, and cards are better displayed

Screenshot 2024-05-24 at 9.02.40AM.png


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