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Top 3 CRM Data Entry Challenges and Solutions

A CRM (Customer Relationship Software) helps businesses track customer activities and communication. Proper customer tracking means employees must enter the correct and relevant information into a CRM software for data processing and reporting. Statistics show that 82% of businesses use CRM to produce their sales reports. This means data entry is critical, but most employees find manual data entry tedious, and most of the time, it leads to mistakes.

Businesses need to understand the following data entry challenges and their solutions to make sure they save time and improve productivity.

1. Inconsistent Data Entry

Inconsistent data makes it difficult for employees to use it for personalization, segmentation, and contact searches. When employees enter data differently, the same data exists in various formats. Such data is redundant, unreliable, and meaningless. Here's how you can solve data inconsistency problems.

Develop a Data Entry Strategy

The best way to solve data inconsistencies is to create a protocol for data entry. A protocol is a standard operating procedure that staff uses to enter data into a CRM. For example, the protocol should state how to enter particular names or abbreviations.

It should clearly state whether employees should enter the USA, U.S, or United States in the CRM database. How you enter data in the system determines how usable it is.

2. Manual Data Entry Errors

Human error is likely to occur if you enter data manually into a data processing system. Such errors include spelling mistakes, grammar, punctuation, and typing errors. Mistakes occur when staff feels stressed, bored, or rushing to complete a task while performing data entry. Here's how to solve the problem.

Automate Data Entry Forms

A solution to eliminating manual data entry errors is automatically creating or updating contact records with forms. Automated forms have features that allow fast and consistent data entry. For example, they have dropdown menus that enable you to select data instead of typing. This helps to save time.

The dropdown menu also eliminates inconsistencies that can be caused by typing. This means that contact information is updated with consistent data types and information.

3. Employees are Reluctant to Enter Data

Data entry activity is not considered the most glamorous task, and most employees may be reluctant to perform it. The process is time-consuming and tedious, making data entry less attractive even though it's an important task in any business.

Train your Team on the Benefits of Proper Data Entry

Training your team on the benefits of proper data entry and how to use CRM will help improve your business performance. It helps employees understand the need for a CRM containing complete, correct, and consistent data. Such data is important for collation, analysis, and decision-making.

When employees realize the benefits, they are more likely to follow data entry procedures and appreciate the importance of data in your business. Training also helps employees understand the consequences of poor data entry. Small data entry mistakes can lead to incorrect information that affects the bottom line of businesses.

Bottom Line

Performing data entry tasks well ensures correct, consistent, relevant information is captured in a CRM. Proper data entry is possible if businesses understand data entry challenges and the solutions to such issues. Ensuring data entry is simplified through automation is one of the ways to improve data quality. Automation makes it possible to use mobile CRM and keep data points to a minimum.  

It is also crucial that all employees know how inconsistent data that is full of errors can affect a business. Staff should also realize the benefits of proper data entry procedures into the CRM. This leads to accurate reports and decision-making. GreenRope is a great tool to help you collect, manage and use your data. Contact us and sign up for a free demo.


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