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August 2020 System Updates

Every month we add new features and updates to the GreenRope system based on your feedback. 

Here are all the updates and new features we added in August: 

Invoice Updates:

Higher Values Accepted

When creating an invoice you can now increase the quantity of any line item to go up to 10 million. Interested in learning more about invoicing and ecommerce opportunities within GreenRope? Click here



LMS Updates:

Time Completed

In addition to tracking the time spent in each module we now track the total time each student has spent in the entire course. All time tracking is available in your LMS by clicking on the “Students Completed” links in any module.



Interested in going through our GreenRope certification program at no cost? Click here to register now. 

Chapter Display

Modules now show chapters in the left hand navigation menu. Chapters are the wiki files used to create the content of each module. The Chapters will change colors as the students progress making it easy to pick up right where they left off. 



Booking Calendar Updates: 

Recurring Time Slots

You can now create recurring time slots on your booking calendar. Example: a visitor to your booking calendar can now request a recurring appointment for every Monday 10am-1pm. Making appointment setting that much easier and convenient for both you and your clients. 



Projects Updates: 

Kanban Filter Options

We strive to make finding the information you need within your account as simple as possible. This is why we have added the ability to now filter for tasks on your Kanban boards by name.



EasyBuilder Updates: 

Support For Custom CSS

Do you have your own custom CSS email template? You can now implement that into your EasyBuilder Settings under “Custom CSS:” 



Theme Button

With so many color combinations possible it can sometimes feel overwhelming creating the perfect theme for your emails. We’ve taken the stress out of this process for you by adding a color theme option. On the EasyBuilder, select the “Theme” button, choose your favorite theme and select “Set Theme”. 




Click here to learn more about the EmailBuilder VS. The Emailer 


Opportunities Updates:

Numbered Opportunities per Phase

Staying organized is key to running any business and your success is our number one priority. This is why we’ve recently added the number of opportunities in each phase in parentheses at the top of each column on your Kanban board. 




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