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5 Tips to a More Productive You After Thanksgiving 

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By Tatiana Ceresa

Now that you’ve eaten enough to last you a couple weeks and spent enough money to dent your bank account, it’s time to get back to work for a few more weeks! Monday never felt so foggy, am I right? But, the reality of the matter is that Thanksgiving is passed and you still need to get your plans solidified for the new year. So, here are a few ways to get back into the groove after today and the rest of the week.


1.  Create a manageable to-do list

Today and this week are for catching up, full of email replies, meetings, and more. There is no way to get around this, it just has to be done. However, that means you can easily be overwhelmed. My best advice is to create a to-do list with tasks and projects you know you can tackle this Cyber Monday.

Speaking of….


2.  Don’t get caught online shopping

This is definitely a hard one. Cyber Monday can trap you into a couple hours of online shopping and immediately take away from any productivity you might have started with. To get your fix, try to participate on Sunday night or Monday morning before work.


3.  Workout

Working out after a holiday energizes you and gets you back on track. Long weekend’s allow you to feel full, slow, and most of the time, unproductive. So, get moving!


4. Organize in advance

Organization takes time and thought. It’s especially challenging to get everything organized during the holidays because there is so much going on. Take some time right after Thanksgiving to sort through everything you have coming up. This way you will be prepared and better able to handle everything you have going on.


5.  Start earlier

Bless the early risers, for I am not one! However, getting into a routine of waking up early will help you get more done during the day. Once the sky gets darker—and it is getting darker much earlier now—we are less inclined to stay at the office and work. Start early and end early—it’s a win-win!


Do you have a ritual to stay on task during the holidays? How are you planning on getting back into the groove—or staying in the groove during the holidays?



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