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Why Companies Don't Adopt Marketing Automation and How GreenRope Can Help

Many companies need a marketing automation tool, but oftentimes they feel like a CRM/ automation software will be too difficult to adopt. There are many barriers stopping companies from adopting automation platforms. Some of these barriers include cost, a lack of resources to set up and manage marketing automation, a lack of staff or skills for setting up rules, lead scoring, and sequences, and pushback from employees. Many of these challenges can be overcome by choosing the right vendor for your business needs. GreenRope’s Complete CRM and dedicated training and support team can help assist with all these potential barriers. GreenRope has a variety of automation tools and a full team, from training and support to implementation and creative designers, that is ready to help you implement the most efficient marketing automation strategy for your company’s needs. 

Data Integration 

Organizing and consolidating data may seem like a tedious task, and it can be when you are dealing with multiple third party systems.  A lot of companies do not know what to do with the data they collect, and sometimes, don’t even know what data they have, not to mention its integrity. With GreenRope, you won’t have to go through the hassle of integrating data from different sources. All the tools your business needs are built into one solution. 

Sales, marketing, operations, and customer service tools are ready out of the box. This integrated strategy is meant to tie your sales, marketing, and operations data together to alleviate the need for third party systems. Instead of running manual imports and exports, your data is already in one place, updated in real time, and ready to use by your entire team whenever they need it. 

To get started with GreenRope, you can import all your contacts into your CRM in just a few steps. Once you have your contact data loaded, use GreenRope’s Clean Data tools to spruce up your list and make sure it is up-to-date and accurate. 

Along with contacts and contact-specific data, you can also upload a large number of pictures and videos to the GreenRope media library. Store all of your important documents, videos, photos, email templates, and more where they are readily available and easily accessible. 

GreenRope also  allows you to tie the events of your GreenRope Booking Calendar into your Google Calendar, ensuring your everyday tasks and meetings are consolidated in one place.

Furthermore, GreenRope uses Zapier to connect different platforms to your account, allowing you to easily and automatically connect the apps you use everyday. 

Are you a Shopify user? Great news, with Zapier and GreenRope, you can set up complex customer journeys for every purchase or abandoned cart to name just a few possibilities. 

When you use GreenRope to integrate your processes you get a 360-degree view of your business and customers, allowing for more transparency, accountability, and productivity amongst your teams. 

Limited Resources 

A lack of resources to successfully learn complex automation platforms is another problem that may arise when companies are contemplating adopting marketing automation. GreenRope offers plenty of resources to assist in the setup and management of your marketing automation strategy. These include our onboarding packages, strategic implementation services, and creative design services. 

As a GreenRope user, you have access to valuable resources to help you design your marketing automation strategy and implement it effectively. 

We help you build out your customer journeys, drip campaigns, workflows, pipelines, and more. Below is a description of some of the features we off that you can use in your marketing automation strategy. 

Drip campaigns are a sequence of scheduled emails triggered when a contact joins the group that houses the drip campaign. Drip campaigns are also triggered for contacts currently in the group when the creation of the drip campaign occurs. Drip campaigns send at a particular time of day, as determined by the time zone in your Account Settings. 

Workflows are a very powerful feature and are central to getting the most out of your GreenRope account. In simple terms, workflows are a series of events, actions, and reactions. 

Journeys provide you and your team with an easy-to-use, yet robust drag and drop campaign builder. Journeys have a variety of uses, but our staff’s favorite is using them for lead nurturing campaigns. Journeys allow you to send any of your contacts on highly personalized paths providing them with a truly unique experience. 

Each of these features also helps you tie your teams together. For example, when a lead comes through a sign up form or via your online chat, you can automatically trigger a sales follow up and send them on a relevant marketing campaign. 

When it comes to live chat, GreenRope’s integration with Olark allows you to install a live chat system on your website which synchronizes directly with your CRM. These features are easy to set up and create. 

Take a look at all of the resources we offer you as a GreenRope user. 

Lack of Knowledge/Onboarding

Furthermore, some companies may be hesitant to adopt a marketing automation platform due to their lack of staff or knowledge when it comes to CRM and marketing automate. That’s ok! GreenRope has your back. On top of the many blog posts and articles we have, GreenRope has a team of experts who specialize in the strategic design of these features.

GreenRope also offers a variety of onboarding packages. All our packages include unlimited users, unlimited emails, and all features. The prices vary based on the contact limit. You should select a package based on the size of your company as well as the number of clients you have/intend to have. We also offer both Standard and Premium account set up which is very helpful for companies who desire a customized onboarding plan, dedicated one-on-one training, data analysis, implementations, and creative services such as a custom website, signup form, or eCommerce store. We also offer custom implementation and creative services to help you further your account personalization.

GreenRope Can Help

Although barriers to adoption may be an issue for some companies, you will never be alone with GreenRope. GreenRope staff works hard to make sure that you understand the platform, and if you don’t, they provide all the resources necessary to help grasp difficult concepts. With GreenRope, you can take full advantage of complete CRM, while having a cheerful and informed staff helping you each step of the way. You will be able to store your data, set up and manage marketing automation, and learn skills that will allow you and your team to set up rules, lead scoring, and sequences. With this information in mind, GreenRope Complete CRM proves to be the best marketing automation solution for your business.


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