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Get to know GreenRope’s new Director of Services and Support,
Ian Cuatico.

For the last three years Ian has been supporting our clients as they navigate our extensive platform. Outside of his career in customer relationship management, Ian’s done some pretty amazing stuff. When he’s not working tirelessly to provide great customer service you can probably find him DJing or inquiring about your dog's innermost thoughts. Here are ten things you probably didn’t know about Ian Cuatico:   

  1. He’s a travel enthusiast who’s been to 21 countries

  2. He used to be a High Performance Drift Instructor

  3. He’s an avid music collector and DJ

  4. He’s an international music festival connoisseur

  5. He’s learning to program using Python

  6. A favorite past time of Ian’s is custom computer rig modification 

  7. He’s an avid Redditor 

  8. Professional dog petter and whisperer

  9. Expert at sharing positive energy into a room of people and friends

  10. Lover of Techno


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