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Five Resourceful Marketing Techniques That Work

resourceful marketing

Once you have your marketing plan laid out, you are ready to dive into the nitty gritty of actually implementing it. When creating your marketing strategy, you begin with your big picture items then hone in on the small tactics or techniques you will employ to accomplish those broader goals.

Believe it or not, there are marketing tactics that go a long way without much associated costs. Actually, there are many techniques you can use to market your brand without digging too much into your budget. Here are five marketing techniques you should be employing in your strategy.

1. Thought Leadership

Provide thought leadership with relevant and timely contributed articlesWhile this may be the most time sucking task, thought leadership content is extremely important to build your brand. The more exposure you can get in your industry, the more buzz will build about you and your company. A great way to build thought leadership is to publish your articles on LinkedIn or participate in discussions surrounding your industry. The more people who see your thought leadership content, the more exposure and followers you will receive.

2. Using product review sites

Product reviews are extremely important because they provide authentic information about your brand from the customer’s point of view. Most people check out review sites before they purchase, which is why you should drive your happy customers to review your brand. At GreenRope, we offer a 10% discount to all our clients who review us on G2Crowd​, Capterra​, and TrustRadius​. This is a great way to build our profile and demonstrate we have happy customers. Also, the more reviews a company has, the more established and credible it becomes. Build out your profiles on each review site and incentivize your happy customers to write reviews and spread the word.

3. Social Media influencer engagement (consistency is key)

As a marketer, you are fully aware of the importance of social media. While posting frequently is important to keep your followers engaged, you should also take the time to search for social media influencers in your industry. Take some time to find influencers and journalists who are active on social so you can create relationships that will eventually benefit your brand. Sometimes identifying your influencers can be difficult, but simply searching for keywords on social media platforms is a great way to find an initial selection. Find out who is active by engaging with them to gauge their activity levels. If they are pretty active, chances are you can get a conversation going about your brand.

4. Mutually beneficial partnerships

When you have a smaller budget, partnerships are cost effective because you can exchange services with little to no additional costs. Partnerships are also great for cross promotion, which extends your brand’s reach to other industries, and therefore, other audiences. For example, GreenRope partners with the American Marketing Association. We provide them with CRM, marketing automation, email marketing, event tracking, and much more, while they provide us with event tickets and sponsorship opportunities

5. Customer Advocacy

If you think about it, the end goal for all marketers, is to create customer advocates that market your brand for you! The best part? The marketing is coming from customers instead of the brand, itself! Talk about an authentic way to get new customers and keep those you already have happy and excited about your company. Learn how to create customer advocates (link to blog post)

While marketing in a crowded digital landscape definitely requires a budget, there are plenty of ways to reach your target audiences and boost your brand without spending the big bucks. Try one or all of these techniques if you have a low budget this month and I can promise you will be pleasantly surprised. 


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