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May 2022 System Updates

May is a month filled with warm spring days, blooming flowers, and some amazing GreenRope system updates. You send your feature requests, and we listen! Our team has been working hard to bring some of your great suggestions to light. Check them out below along with a few great stats from our customer service team.


Custom Fields can now be made into required fields in creating/editing opportunities. Get started by going to Settings > Opportunities > Custom Fields.



A new checkbox associated with the opportunity kanban allows you to see/hide closed opportunity phases for more convenient visibility. Check it out by going to Contacts > View > Opportunities > Kanban  



On the Settings > Opportunities > Products page you will see a new icon that opens a chart to show the win/loss outcomes by individual product.



Website Manager

A new option to set the Top Section of your landing page as “sticky” is now available.  Selecting this option will anchor the top section of the landing page to the top of the page while visitors to the page scroll. Set the sticky option by going to Website > Landing Page EasyBuilder > Top Section.




Apps > Ticketing > Custom Fields now offers the ability to check a custom field type box that can have scores associated with the ticket, scores will be presented in the ticket for review.



On the same Custom Fields page of the ticketing feature there is a new chart for Select One ticket custom data field types that allows you to easily see the distribution of chosen options in tickets that were opened



Customer Satisfaction

We are incredibly proud of our amazing support team. Their dedication and commitment to our clients continues to go above and beyond. We are pleased to share the monthly stats and a few fun affirmations received from some of our equally amazing clients.

Our Team

Our support team took 161 chats last month, helping clients achieve their tasks with answers to a variety of questions about the system. Ranging from getting starting tips and tricks to more advanced workflow and ticketing questions. Their support continues to be exceptional!


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