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Planning Your 2019 Automated Marketing Calendar with CRM Insights


As we enter into the late spring and early summer of 2019, it is important to realize how many advantages come with an integrated approach to customer relationship management. While a CRM system by itself is a useful tool to gradually move customers further down the marketing funnel, CRM software that consolidates sales, marketing, and operational activities into one easy to access resource can do wonders for your conversion rate optimization.

For example, if you haven't done so already, utilizing an automated, fully integrated marketing calendar for 2019 can help you streamline and enhance how your company manages each customer's journey through the funnel. Here are some reasons why this is so important.


Streamlined Communication

Imagine that you have one employee who is wholly dedicated to posting promotional materials to social media, another employee who manages your automated email marketing, and a third employee who handles all the blogging on your website. What would happen if those three employees never communicate with one another?

While they would perhaps obtain some results from their individual efforts, there would be no way for them to implement a unified marketing strategy. In the long run, this would inevitably hamper business growth, and reduce your company's potential market share.

On the other hand, imagine those three employees working together to carry out a focused, consolidated marketing strategy by means of an automated marketing calendar.

  • The employee dedicated to social media could publish content related to recent blog posts on a certain topic.
  • The employee tasked with sending out automated emails could ensure that the message contained therein dovetailed with the social media posts.
  • The employee assigned to blog creation could in turn compose a follow-up article that would link to the original marketing initiative. 

With an automated marketing calendar in place, there is no guesswork as to the marketing activities assigned to each department, or even to each employee in the department. Unified action becomes possible. It becomes crystal clear how each part fits into the whole.


Enhanced Time Management

It's no secret that holidays are usually the most important sales times for businesses. But it is enough to prepare marketing promotions a few weeks in advance of each holiday?

For most companies, the answer is a resounding no. Sales and marketing initiatives are sometimes prepared several months in advance of each busy period in the year. An automated marketing calendar that takes into account these busy sales times will help everyone to stay focused and manage time in the most efficient way.

Such a tool will also ensure that each stakeholder in the marketing process is held accountable. Procrastination or inefficient time usage is much harder to hide when project goalposts are clearly laid out and visible to everyone. Furthermore, you'll be in a better position to leverage touch points with consumers into lead conversions.


Detailed Budget Planning

Besides CRM optimization, another benefit that comes from implementing an automated marketing calendar is an increased focus on staying within budget. Since marketing budgets are usually fixed early in the year, it is possible to plan out periods of intense promotional activity several months in advance. A calendar that provides a high level view of the marketing budget for the year also allows for more flexibility, as resources may need to be re-allocated according to unexpected business needs or opportunities.  

As you can see, an automated marketing calendar that is visible to multiple departments, and heavily informed by CRM insights, can work wonders for your customer conversion rate, and increase revenues across the board. Partnering with a reputable and highly experienced CRM software vendor is one way to leverage such a tool to your advantage. 

Don't let the rest of 2019 slip away without implementing an automated marketing calendar that will help you streamline your CRM process and drive business growth.


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