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April 2024 System Updates

Exciting updates await in GreenRope! Now, easily connect with your contacts via WhatsApp, create precise automated workflows with date-based decisions, and enjoy a sleeker Portal Manager interface. Stay informed with new notification options for recurring charges and gain deeper financial insights with enhanced accounting reports. Plus, manage your sales pipeline more effectively with Kanban filtering options. With added security features like 2FA setup and improved email domain control, GreenRope is more powerful and user-friendly than ever.

WhatsApp Integration

SMS/MMS/Voice - we now support sending via WhatsApp. Once you have at least one phone number, you can create WhatsApp templates and send personal WhatsApp messages from the contact details

Account Themes

Settings > Account > Settings > Color Theme - new theme "Clarity" made for users to need or prefer high-contrast colors due to visual impairments. Theme maintains minimum 7:1 contrast ratio and increases button sizes

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Domain Lockdown

Settings > Account > Settings > Email Settings - email from domains can now be locked down to prevent usage by another account in the same portal (e.g., GreenRope)

Screenshot 2024-04-26 at 3.11.05PM.png


Journeys - new decision for date user fields to be exactly on a date

Portal Manager

Portal Manager (for VAR partners) - some minor redesign of the accounts listing UI

Website Storefront

Website > Store > Checkout Options - there's a new option to determine if recurring charged items should send a notification to the purchaser


Contacts > Reports > Accounting - new reports for showing invoice aging and total sales by invoice item / store item

Apps > Accounting - top right quadrant (receivables) will now show opportunity ID and title if the invoice/quote is associated with the opportunity


Contacts > View CRM > Opportunities > Kanban - you can now filter by opportunity field at the top of the Kanban area

2-Factor Authentication

Added setting up and requiring 2FA to the account setup progress bar


Apps > Ticketing and ticket update emails now include the name of the form that was used to create the ticket


Calendar - added support for dragging and dropping project tasks and opportunity close dates and proposal due dates in the main calendar view


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