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April 2023 System Updates

April showers bring May flowers and April updates make GreenRope clients happy! Here are your April system updates.



Limited beta release of AI integration with OpenAI / ChatGPT with contact narrative in notes (AI button above the field) and a new button in the editor in various content creation parts of the platform.

AI contact update

Added AI to Company Research when viewing company details

Company research with AI

Shared Access

Shared access users and the account owner can specify their own custom signatures for Personal Emails for groups that do not have predefined templates, set in Settings > Account > Settings > Email Settings 

Personal email signature

Account Settings

Settings > Account has an additional green Save Changes button at the bottom of the screen 

Settings > Account > Subscription - the total contact history chart now shows the number of bounced and unsubscribed contacts 

contact history chart

Custom Objects 

Apps > Custom Objects - search allows now for hiding name, company, and email fields

Custom Objects

Apps > Custom Objects - search function now will identify orphaned objects (objects not attached to valid contacts/companies) and allow you to delete them in the web UI 

Custom objects


Apps > Accounting - top right quadrant for receivables/payables can now be expanded/compressed to full screen with an icon in the top right of that quadrant 

Accounting update


Store > Checkout Options - you can specify a custom CSS URL to be used in the checkout page 

Store custom CSS

Blog tool - the meta description now has a character counter to encourage lengths to be <= 120 characters 

Website builder add meta description to website page


Call transcription summaries now include issues, purpose, and keywords in the activity description 


Communicate > Email EasyBuilder - preheaders now will add extra empty space characters so they won't pick up elements from the email design itself 

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