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Boost Your Branding By Private Labeling Your Account!

Private Label Links in GreenRope

The content you send clients and leads directly reflects your brand image. Shouldn’t the links used in this communication reflect that as well?

It’s time to take your company branding to the next level in 2020 by private labeling your links in GreenRope. Have you noticed that all files, links, and images stored within your Media Library have the label connected? Let’s change that!

As a GreenRope subscriber, it’s possible to private label all of your links to route to your domain instead. This quick article walks you through private labeling your entire account by updating your main domain to hide any reference of GreenRope.

Why would you want to do this?

  • Brand consistency throughout all client touchpoints
  • The recognizable link encourages more contacts to click and engage
  • Direct all links back to your domain, bypassing any reference

By default, when you send an email out, links are sent through the domain

By using your own private domain,, you can private label these links. Meaning, all links sent through your GreenRope account will not have the GreenRope name associated with them. This is especially important since many browsers are now blocking third party cookies. Private labeling your links enables first party cookies, ensuring all your links and images are working and trackable when viewed in various browsers. To learn more about how different browsers treat first and third party cookies, click here.

IMPORTANT: You will need to update your DNS first so that the has a "CNAME" record pointing to

  • The host field should say "action" (no quotation marks).
  • The text field should say "" (no quotation marks)

This is usually done with your domain registrar (e.g., GoDaddy, NetSol, etc).

It is important that once you set up these links, that you also update any other external domains, such as your website tracking javascript and subscription forms.

Step One: Adding Your Private Label Link

In your active GreenRope account, hover over the “Settings” drop-down and select “Account.” Below the Data Settings heading, add the custom domain you want to use for the link references. 



Once you enter a domain here, GreenRope will automatically create an SSL certificate for your business within 24 hours. While your links propagate, you can continue on to step two and three. 

Step Two: Adding Records into Your DNS Server

To validate the web traffic to your new domain links, you’ll need to add two records into your domain registrar (e.g., GoDaddy, NetSol, etc). This is where you purchased the domain to verify the connection. Here, add two IP addresses for your domain: and, adding both as "A" records. This allows your web traffic to load-balance across two of GreenRope’s servers, increasing reliability. 

  1. Within your DNS Manager, select the domain you want to connect
  2. Within the Advanced Settings, click to Manage Your Domain
  3. Add two “A” records that point to and that are IP Addresses for your domain
  4. Click OK and save the records



Step Three: Update Current Links And Tracking

Now that you have set up the links, it’s important to update any other external domains, such as your website tracking javascript and subscription forms. A few places you can start with include: 

  1. Updating your email templates to include your new links. Especially if you’re reusing the same template, verify each link is updated to your private label version.



  1. Update your Link Library automation. When contacts click on your new link, you can define what automation you want to trigger in the “Link Library” section of your account. 



  1. Journey decision points that reference a specific link being clicked. If you’re using journeys to track a link clicked, make sure to update this “Decision” with the new link for accurate triggering. 



It’s the small details that make all the difference. Private labeling your links is a great way to build consistency across each communication channel, create a seamless experience, and keep your brand name at the forefront! 




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