Affiliate Marketing Software

Offering an affiliate program to people in your network is an efficient and cost effective method of growing your business and brand. For markets that your team is having a difficult time reaching, having affiliates that can reach these markets can expand your reach and make more connections than ever. Having an affiliate tracking tool baked right into your CRM solution means that your team won’t have to pay for an additional affiliate software.

Affiliate tracking system

How it works

As soon as you find your perfect candidate to be an affiliate for your company, you can set them up with a specialized link that they can send to potential leads. This special campaign link will show you all traffic that your affiliate has brought in so that you can pay them accordingly in our Campaign & Affiliates section of the platform. This section of the platform will focus on the conversions made through this campaign link, while other and more advanced tracking can be found in the website tracking area.

Creating a network

There are 2 additional levels of commission that can be calculated, based on percentages of the amount of commission given to the affiliate. This allows you to create a small network of "downlines", meaning people who can generate commission from people they have referred. These are called "tiers" and you can define contacts who are Tier 2 and Tier 3 recipients of commissions earned by the affiliate.

Each campaign can also measure return on investment, or ROI. By entering the average daily cost of the campaign, you can easily see if your campaign is generating profit for you or not.