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What does a digital customer experience manager do?

A digital experience manager is tasked with overseeing on-screen interactions between the customer and the company at every touchpoint. Customer experience (CX) management and customer relationship management are similar in that they both focus on the relationship the contact has with your brand, but the terms are not interchangeable. A digital CX manager has the specific role of establishing, guiding, directing, and evaluating CX operations all within the realm of digital communication.


Roles of Digital CX Manager

1. Review current online and offline processes.

A customer experience manager is tasked with building customer loyalty and retention by ensuring the customer has a pleasant experience at all company touchpoints. One way of doing this is reviewing current online and offline processes to identify whether they are still relevant and what needs to be added or removed from the process. 

With the evolution of technology, along with social aspects like Covid-19, many of the CX aspects traditionally offered offline are coming online. An example of this is with online chat and/or chat bots. When shopping in person, customers have the opportunity to ask for personal advice from the staff. A digital CX manager should review and see whether this same service can be brought online as digital assistance, potentially using a platform like Olark to help online shoppers connect with and ask your company questions while shopping online. 

GreenRope makes creating a successful online store and purchase management easier with our eCommerce features like recurring payments, discount codes, purchase action-based automation, cart abandonment workflows, and easy check-out processes. In addition to our eCommerce options, GreenRope also offers a state of the art LMS (learning management system) that allows organizations to bring their offline courses online for more convenience and reachability. Click here to read more about how one client did exactly that.

2. Identify holes in the processes and how they affect the customer experience.

Several processes occur before a client makes a purchase. Pre-purchase operations occur when the customer learns about the product or brand and actively seeks out more information about the product or services of interest. Some, or all, of these processes may occur online; therefore, the CX manager collaborates with other departments such as sales and marketing to collect customer data. CRM analytics may help the CX manager identify loopholes in customer experience processes and chart the way forward. A good way to identify these holes is to develop visual customer journey maps of your current process vs. what you want the process to look like. When you can visualize the customer experience you can more readily understand where the process can be improved upon. 

3. Meet with each department and review digital initiatives and develop customer experience strategies for each.  

The customer experience spans across more than just sales or marketing. Every successfully delivered product or service relies on the effective communication of the entire company - from sales to marketing to operations. While some departments interact with the customer directly, others do not, creating a potential gap in the customer experience. To overcome this challenge, the customer experience department acts as a bridge between those departments and the clients at various touchpoints while in the sales funnel.

The CX manager has a responsibility to meet with various departmental heads. This will help the CX manager see what processes can be digitized and what channels can be invented to improve departmental customer experience. The CX manager might use workflows, alert emails, automation, and customer journey maps to connect the entire customer experience together. 

4. Evaluate and purchase the correct tools

As the name suggests, a digital customer experience manager is in charge of the customer on-screen interactions with the company. The manager should evaluate what tools and resources the different departments need for effective digital transformation. A Complete CRM like GreenRope tools offers tools for every department, including CRM and data management, marketing, customer service ticketing, and operations. 

The data generated from a CRM will be used to improve customer experience through things such as sales automation and customer journey mapping. When you use only one integrated solution you have a 360 degree view of the customer and their engagement with your brand. You can tie their experience together across all departments - creating seamless transitions between marketing, customer service, sales, etc.

5.  Review and provide sample reporting on the success of their digital transformation efforts

After investing in digital transformation and adjusting your customer experience strategy, it’s critical to analyze your efforts. One of the most effective ways to gauge the success of your CX is to rate customer satisfaction - this can include online reviews, survey, feedback, and more. A CX manager will help in digital customer satisfaction data extraction. A CX manager should spearhead the review process by using the following digital tools:

  • Integration with Olark
  • Surveys and gathering customer feedback
  • Analyzing engagement including read rates and clicks to determine how people are responding to your outreach and content.


Your digital experience management needs are safe with GreenRope!

GreenRope Complete CRM makes the job of any digital customer experience manager easier. GreenRope is an integrated platform that meets the needs of sales, marketing, and operations departments by tying the three together. This integrated approach to technology ensures you have the most up-to-date data. A digital customer experience manager needs the most up-to-date data in order to understand how leads and customers move through your funnel from awareness to conversion and beyond. Integration helps avoid data loss, keeps data accurate, and increases productivity. It also allows a business to offer an omnichannel customer experience quickly. 


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