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Marketing Automation Support & Customer Service

How do you stay a step ahead of the competition without breaking the bank? Among all the business software innovations we’ve seen over the last three decades, none compare to the jaw dropping efficiency of marketing automation. This long sought holy grail of marketing technology has been made widely available through GreenRope Complete CRM. Learn how you can simultaneously boost growth potential and operational efficiency by applying the technology of marketing automation to your customer support process. 

What is Marketing Automation?

Organizations across the globe have prospered by incorporating marketing automation into their business strategy. Using state-of-the-art software technology, marketing automation has enabled businesses to unlock new growth potential. By automating the repetitive, manual tasks in your business management process, you can focus on what really matters; driving your bottom line. Automation also helps to minimize the risk of human error. Never again will the need to post social updates or manually retrieve data bog you down. With marketing automation driving your day to day business process, you can focus on long term sustainable growth.

Automation also helps to minimize the risk of human error. 

The fundamentals of marketing automation can also be used to improve other aspects of your business process, like customer support.

Remote work is dominating the business sector. At home support teams are shown to be happier and more efficient, when equipped with the right tools. A study by BizLaunch that surveyed 275 small businesses across North America revealed that “88% of small businesses think remote working improves quality of life.”

Marketing automation adds value to customer support by: 

Streamlining ticketing for supportTicketing makes managing support easy. Customers can easily open tickets and submit inquiries via forms on your website. All updates to the ticket can be emailed to both your team and the customer, so nobody misses a beat. All team members with the right permissions are capable of updating a ticket, providing a convenient space for collaboration.

Having a fully automated ticketing process means no inquiries go unanswered. 

Trigger workflows/ follow-ups for a more balanced approach – You can set your ticket forms to trigger different types of automation when someone submits, updates, or closes a customer support ticket. Workflows, Journeys, and autoresponders you’ve created can be used to deliver automated messages, or assign a follow up activity to a team member, so they know to check in. You can also set workflows to activate if the ticket opener fails to respond to your first update after a predetermined amount of time.

Depending on the form they use, this could be a good opportunity to send inquirers drip campaigns providing informational resources. By delivering contacts helpful information, based on their specific needs, you can minimize pain points and boost customer success!

Automate customer feedback collection like surveys – You also have the option to request feedback upon closing a ticket with automated surveys. This information will be helpful in finetuning your support and customer service processes to better serve future customers.  

Setting up phone trees to manage incoming calls for remote teams – You don’t need office phone lines to manage support calls. Using GreenRope’s telephony, you can set up a phone tree to direct incoming calls to the cell phones of different team members. These calls can be transferred to different people automatically based on the time and day, or be presented as dial-to-connect options.

Integrate live chat with your CRM – GreenRope integrates with multiple live chat services, our most popular is Olark. Our integration with Olark allows you to install a live chat system on your website, which synchronizes directly with your CRM. This powerful integrative feature allows you to keep a record of all conversations, trigger marketing automation (like workflows) to assign follow ups, and incorporate chat data into lead scoring & predictive analytics. You’ll be able to see a visual representation of the number of chats that have been automatically linked to your CRM using GreenRope’s reporting tools. Simply click on the chart to pull up chat details for each contact.

Block certain keywords to filter out spam – Use automation to prevent spammers from opening tickets or launching denial of service attacks. GreenRope’s ticketing forms allow you to block specific phrases and keywords. Any words or phrases you enter will be used to scan incoming Tickets. If the words are present in the Details, the ticket will be blocked. 

Create booking calendars for your support reps - Using GreenRope’s Calendar feature, you can create a booking calendar for team members. Contacts can use these calendars to book one on one appointments for the allotted times. 

You also have the option to activate marketing automation when appointments are approved by your team. Upon approval, both emails and workflows can be sent out. You can also give contacts the option to RSVP to certain events from the appointment confirmation page.


If you are a small to mid-sized business owner looking to switch from your current marketing automation software to one that actually helps you achieve your business objectives, GreenRope may be the solution for you. Our intuitive marketing and support capabilities will launch your business growth into the stratosphere!

Who We Are

We are a full-service digital marketing platform. Our team consists of experienced strategists, developers, marketers, and technology gurus that have teamed up to form a digital marketing powerhouse. We provide a comprehensive software solution, with customized plans to fit any budget. 

To learn more about how your customer support teams can benefit from our marketing software visit our website and schedule a live demo.



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