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4 myths about outbound sales - BUSTED

Quality outbound sales techniques are an essential component of a successful sales strategy. However, there are many myths and misconceptions surrounding outbound sales that often prevent businesses from effectively executing these efforts, resulting in a lot of missed opportunities to create and maintain loyal client relationships. In this blog, we will explore four (4) of the common myths surrounding outbound sales and discuss ways your sales team overcome and implement them. 

Before we can bust those myths, let's first take a moment to look over a few of the most common outbound sales tactics. 

  • Cold calling 
    • Cold calling is a popular outbound sales technique that involves contacting potential customers by phone. The sales representative introduces themselves and the product or service they are selling to generate interest and set up a meeting or appointment. This technique is typically referred to as opening a phone book and selecting random people/companies to contact. 
  • Direct Mail
    • Direct mail is probably the oldest outbound sales technique, and it is still adored by many who are using it effectively to send physical marketing materials, such as brochures, flyers, or letters, to potential customers through postal mail. This can be highly effective if done correctly, as it allows for a tangible and personal touch that can stand out in a digital world.
  • Social Selling
    • Social selling involves using social media platforms to connect with potential customers and build relationships with them, LinkedIn being the most popular in recent times. Sales reps can use social media to share valuable content, engage with prospects, and position themselves as trusted experts in their field.

Now that we have covered a few popular outbound sales techniques we can dive deeper into the myths surrounding them and how to best BUST those myths to empower your sales team. 

Myth 1: Outbound Sales are Intrusive and Annoying

One of the most common myths surrounding all outbound sales techniques is that they are intrusive and annoying. This belief is often rooted in negative experiences with telemarketers and spam emails. However, when done correctly, outbound sales can be an effective and non-intrusive method of gaining sales wins. 

To overcome this myth, you need to understand the importance of focusing on building individual relationships with potential clients. Rather than cold-calling (random phone book selection), outbound sales teams should take a personalized approach. This may involve researching the client's needs and interests before making contact or reaching out through channels that the customer has already shown interest in, such as social media or email.

Myth 2: Outbound Sales are Outdated

Another myth about outbound sales is that the methodology is outdated and ineffective in the age of digital marketing. However, outbound sales remain a vital tool for reaching new customers and building relationships.

To overcome this myth, you should consider integrating outbound sales efforts with digital marketing strategies. This may involve using data analytics to identify potential customers and tailor outreach efforts, or leveraging social media and email marketing to complement outbound sales efforts. Sending a personalized birthday card with a coupon for your services/products via direct mail is a great example of using data analytics to personalize your outbound marketing strategy. 

Myth 3: Outbound Sales are Only for Large Businesses

Many small and medium-sized businesses believe that outbound sales are only effective for large enterprises with substantial resources. However, outbound sales can be effective for businesses of all sizes, and may even be more critical for smaller businesses looking to establish a foothold in competitive markets.

To overcome this myth, try developing a targeted outbound sales strategy that takes into account their unique needs and resources. This may involve leveraging technology and automation tools such as workflows to streamline outreach efforts and improve efficiency. 

Myth 4: Outbound Sales are Expensive

The final myth we want to bust is that outbound sales techniques are often thought of as being expensive and require substantial resources. While outbound sales may require an initial investment, the potential return on investment can be significant.

To overcome this myth, develop a cost-effective outbound sales strategy that takes into account your unique needs and resources. This may involve exploring alternative outbound sales models such as outsourcing or partnerships to improve client engagement, conversions, and retention. 

Outbound sales are a critical component of any successful sales strategy. However, myths and misconceptions about outbound sales often prevent businesses just like yours from effectively executing these efforts. Remember to focus on developing a targeted outbound sales strategy customized based on your resources, while integrating outbound sales efforts with digital marketing strategies. By doing so, you can unlock the limitless potential of outbound sales and achieve greater success in your sales efforts.


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