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HTML - Understanding the Basics

Understanding the basics of HTML can increase your email marketing and website management skills exponentially. 

What is HTML?

HTML is the written code used to create quality emails and most web pages. It stands for “Hypertext Markup Language”. In short, it is the technical language used to create and structure content such as headers, paragraphs, links, tags, and any other element of your emails and web pages. 

Understanding the very basics of the language will help you create professional content without the cost of hiring an outside company to design your emails. GreenRope offers all the design tools you need to communicate with your clients but it is always great to have a few tips and tricks under your belt when creating your HTML emails and landing pages. 

To view the HTML code that makes up any email or page, right-click to “view page source”. When viewing the page source it is easy to get overwhelmed, to help eliminate any code anxiety we’ve compiled some helpful tips to navigate the basics of HTML. 

Basic HTML Tag Rules

What are HTML tags? Also known as HTML commands, these lines of code are used by servers to understand and render content. There is no limit to the number of tags you can add to an email or webpage, making content creativity endless! However, there are a number of basic rules that must be followed to ensure your content is rendered correctly. 

Your HTML tags must be comprised of three parts: 

  1. Opening tags - this is how the tag is identified as a new command, it starts with the < > symbols. 
  2. Content command - this is the actual HTML command that servers use as instructions on how the element is displayed on your web page or email. Examples of this might be text or background color, a URL, an anchor, etc. 
  3. Closing tags - this tag identifies the end of the command, it will end with </ >

Basic examples: 

<strong> this is bold </strong> 

  • Opening tag: <b> 
  • Content Command: this is bold 
  • Closing tag: </b>

<u> Underline Tag</u>

  • Opening tag: <u> 
  • Content Command: underline tag
  • Closing tag: </u>

<i> Italic Tag </i>

  • Opening tag: <i> 
  • Content Command: italics tag
  • Closing tag: </i>

Using the above examples:



HTML Formatting Tags

<div>This tag defines a section of your document</div>. Usually this tag is based with CSS to format a section in a specific way. 

<hr> This tag, alone without a closing tag, creates a line separator in your content.  

<p>Separate your paragraphs</p>

<h1>Add headers to your content with h1-h6 tags</h1>

<img src=””> This adds an image to your content. 

<a href="" title="Click here">

Common HTML mistakes 

Making mistakes when writing even basic HTML code is extremely easy to do. Here is a great list of some of the most common mistakes. GreenRope partners with SendForensics so when you are creating your HTML emails and landing pages in GreenRope you have access to a built-in HTML code checker as part of the spam checker. The spam checker can be found on the editor to make finding and fixing any of the mistakes in your code easier. 

How GreenRope can help navigate more advanced HTML 

GreenRope’s EasyBuilder 

The EasyBuilder is an easy to use, drag and drop, template creator. With the EasyBuilder you can create beautifully customized HTML email and landing page templates that fit your business branding and content needs with ease. Save time by placing content, images, and widgets like a professional HTML creator in seconds. Save money by not having to hire design professionals – EasyBuilder makes you the design professional! 

GreenRope’s Emailer

The Emailer offers over 100 templates with unlimited color combinations that makes customization that much easier. We take the guesswork out of creating quality HTML emails. With an easy-to-use editor that allows you to quickly add links, images, update color schemes, add surveys, anchors, and so much more. 

Not sure which email editor will work best for your needs? Check out this article all about the differences and benefits of both features. 

Custom Email/Website building 

GreenRope Creative Services offers custom website, email, and landing page design. Our creative team can help increase your conversions and provide custom branding built by export GreenRope developers. Learn more about our custom creative services, here

Troubleshooting HTML issues

Are you still having trouble with your HTML file? Email us for additional help!


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