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10 Surprising things you didn’t know about Client Service & EMEA Sales Manager, Diana Kohan

What would the GreenRope team be without amazing client service managers and sales associates? Diana Kohan shines bright when it comes to her love of helping clients. She can often be found going above and beyond client expectations to ensure their needs are met. She enjoys dancing, swimming, spending time with her big family, and the occasional sweet treat.


Here are a few surprising things you didn't know about Diana Kohan:

  1. Diana enjoys playing foosball in her spare time, participating (and dominating) in local tournaments.  
  2. She stays active with yoga and swimming as often as she can
  3. She has taken an extreme driving course and has been known to put it to good use 
  4. She is fluent in the lost art of mirror writing
  5. Graduated with honors from Belarusian State University with a degree in International Management 
  6. A pet lover, she has both a Bengal cat and a Jack Russell terrier living together in harmony
  7. While attending university, Diana was crowned queen of her university’s beauty pageant
  8. She helps the community by writing restaurant reviews on Instagram
  9. Worked with IMF and WB on investment projects
  10. In addition to her love for cars and extreme driving, she also publishes car review videos on YouTube


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