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If the Pilgrims had CRM...

Written by: Hunter Ricci


If the pilgrims had CRM,

it would have made Thanksgiving planning a breeze. 

Instead of trekking across mountains and marshes, 

they could have delivered invites with the greatest of ease.


From the comfort of their homes,

using the stroke of just a few simple keys,

our Puritan forefathers could have invited their whole contact list,

including every settler from Plymouth to Philly.


If the pilgrims had CRM,

communication would have been cake.

Using marketing automation,

attendees could stay abreast with every update.


There would have been no confusion,

or hassle to boot.

Every dish could’ve been easily accounted for,

even the veggie chartreuse.


By using the most celebrated brand in MarTech,

the proper arrangements could’ve been made,

before even a single turkey lost its neck.





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