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What Problems Do Marketing Automation Platforms Solve?

As competition in the business realm intensifies, marketing departments across various industries are seeking the latest in innovative technologies to help overcome hurdles and boost the efficiency of their marketing processes. In the search for the most effective marketing tools available, many companies have incorporated software, such as marketing automation, to assist in their pursuit of achieving business objectives.


Marketing automation refers to technologies specifically designed to help marketers more effectively market on various online channels, using automation to complete tedious and repetitive tasks.

The popularity of marketing automation stems from the problems the software solves. These problems include:

  • Marketing Inefficiencies – You need not be a marketer to know that the most valuable commodity in the world is time. How you use it will dictate the degree of success you will achieve and the duration in which it will take. Making the most out of our time is the biggest and most important issue marketing automation helps solve. It strips tedious and repetitive, time-consuming tasks away from marketing teams, which allows them to put more energy into developing innovative ideas and strategies.
  • Unengaged Consumers – Marketing automation contains an array of abilities that contributes to enhanced consumer engagement, customer retention, and brand loyalty. These objectives are achieved via customized communications throughout various company platforms (i.e., website, SMS messaging, social media, etc.), which are designed to resonate with each recipient.
  • Poorly aligned Sales, Customer Service, and Marketing Departments – A major component of lost prospects in sales funnels is because of inadequately integrated sales, customer service, and marketing departments. The severity of this issue stems from poor communication. It's not uncommon for prospects who have begun their journey through the sales funnel to be either forgotten about, not contacted with relevant information, not contacted in a timely fashion, or are unqualified when departments aren't fully aligned. To combat these inefficiencies, many organizations have started to invest in Complete CRM, an integrated approach to CRM and marketing automation, to help create deeper bonds within sales, customer service, and marketing departments, and help mitigate customer-related problems from rising.
  • Lack of Lead Conversion – The purpose of marketing automation is to automate tedious and repetitive, manual marketing processes, such as social media posting, email marketing, qualifying website leads, and more. Taking this description into account, marketing automation solves poor lead acquisition practices, by sending more relevant content, to a greater audience, instantaneously, based on a prospect's interest determined by their online activity.
  • Loss in Revenue – I'm sure you've all heard the phrase, time is money. As cliché as it may sound, there is truth to the sentiment. Wasting time on important but repetitive tasks hurt an organization more than it benefits it. Marketing automation helps prevent the unnecessary loss of revenue by allowing marketers to extract inefficiencies that increase a company's overhead, such as human error, the time wasted manually analyzing campaign data, tracking prospects through sales funnels, connecting with prospects, and so much more. By having data analyzed in real-time, automatically, to perfection every time, marketing departments have the ability to fine-tune marketing campaigns effortlessly, which helps generate more revenue by converting more qualified leads. 

As competition strengthens in the marketplace, businesses need to use every tool at their disposal to thrive in this new environment. For businesses in search of an innovative marketing automation software, consider the marketing solutions offered by the professionals at GreenRope.


GreenRope is an ever-evolving business management system provider that offers an array of solutions created to help elevate your business to the next level. To learn more about ways in which your business can enjoy the benefits of our marketing automation and other business-related software, contact us at GreeRope today.



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