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3 Ways To Make Small Teams Look BIG!

The image of big business has the potential to impress and awe. Big businesses have ample resources, long histories, large networks, experienced leadership, and the projection of stability. As a small business owner, being able to leverage the outward perception of a large company can help build your reputation and consumer trust. It’s especially powerful in the B2B space. Regardless of how people feel about mom-and-pop stores, they almost always come across as limited in scope and market influence.

As a small business, it may seem difficult to project size, especially when communicating with clients. You want to be able to manage your relationships effectively, and highlight the positive aspects of being a small, focused team...without seeming like your operation is too small. By using the right technology in combination with a sound strategy, you can make your business seem larger than it actually is, while still maintaining that small-business touch.

So how do you do that?

1. CRM should be at the core of your strategy
An effective CRM should be the foundation of your business. By collecting customer data at all touch points and housing it in a single location, you achieve a 360-degree view of your customer. A comprehensive customer record offers powerful insights for the further refinement of your business strategy. You can see what works, where there is growth, and what needs improvement.

Being able to access all of your customer data from a single digital location optimizes your ability to manage business relationships, saving you time and money. The powerful organizational and integrative capabilities of a Complete CRM helps boost revenue by streamlining vital, internal processes. Your sales team will love this. No more rummaging through a gross milieu of disorganized spreadsheets to find single pieces of contact information. No more accidentally writing the wrong contact information in an email. Placeholders and dynamic data rules will guarantee that all personal information referenced in an email matches up exactly with a contact’s record.

2. Automate where you can
Businesses can seem small because they have limited man power. When you have a lot of manual work that needs to get done, you may not have time to dedicate to building out your brand image.

Automation gives you the freedom to focus on what you do best, by allowing you to program tedious information sharing tasks to take care of themselves. Personalizing your communication, segmenting your database, sending timely and relevant messages, are all facets of marketing automation designed to save your team time and money. You can use automation to grow your user base, scale your marketing efforts, and become more consistent in your customer experience. Best of all, you can do this without having to spend additional effort or hire more staff to handle that level of growth.

3. Customer support operations need to be streamlined
The biggest indicator of a team’s size is how they handle customer support. If you have an inconsistent, haphazard process where support inquiries are picked up and then left to stagnate, you risk alienating the customer, and worse, losing a client. An underwhelming customer experience damages consumer trust and creates negative associations with your brand. There needs to be an easy, fast way for customers to receive support. Lucky for businesses, technical support processes can easily be replicated to streamline internal communication as well. Ticketing provides both customer facing, and internal teams, the information and data they need to handle issues quickly, in an easily digestible format. It also provides customers the peace of mind that their inquiry is being handled.

You can use ticketing to manage customer inquiries and activate automated follow-ups immediately, so that each customer feels supported. Organize your ticketing process so that each team member can easily be delegated specific tasks in the process. That way, there is no overlap, and everyone is accountable for their role in ensuring customers are given the resources they need.

Ultimately, the focus of your enterprise should always be customer centric. Utilize sophisticated new tech to optimize the customer experience by using valuable insights and high-powered automation provided by your CRM. Though it might sound like you need several pieces of software to effectively manage business communications, you don't. With a complete CRM like GreenRope, you can grow your operation without needing to expand the size of your team.

Having a single, integrated software solution for your business allows you leverage a relatively small team to make a big splash in the marketplace. Integrated technology can help a small team look big, work effectively, and optimize the customer experience.


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