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10 Surprising Things You Didn’t Know About

ISP Relations Manager, Jill Dimel

Behind every great Complete CRM software company is a great woman! Jill is that woman, working tirelessly every day to ensure GreenRope continues to have industry-leading delivery rates, a superior reputation, and quality ISP relationships. When she isn't working hard to grease the wheels of this great big GreenRope engine she loves nothing more than spending time with her family, friends, and pets. A truly devoted mother and wife and an avid sports fan.

Jill specializes in getting emails delivered to the inbox and kids delivered to the soccer fields!

Here are ten things you may not have known about Jill:

  •  Small Business Owner since 2010

  •  Member of the CoolerEmail / GreenRope team since 2007

  •  Bachelors + Honors College Degrees from Ball State University

  •  Board Member for local drug prevention nonprofit organization

  •  Wife of nearly 20 years to an awesome baseball player/writer/ IT guy

  •  Proud mother of an entrepreneur/makeup artist, an artist/future psychiatrist, a writer/futballer, a next-gen gamer/programmer, two puppies, and a bunny

  •  Avid sports fan & soccer mom

  •  Descendant of one of the first European settlers in Clinton County, Ohio

  •  Loves family time and family traditions

  •  Volunteer for local soccer / futsal club


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