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4 Ways to Get Your Email Marketing in Front of the Right Audience Through Personalization & Segmentation


by Jake Michaels

Have you ever opened an email and thought, “Why did I get this email? This doesn’t relate to me at all…”

Not very fun, right? As a consumer, you want emails that truly resonate with you, especially with the high volume of emails you get on a daily basis.

Irrelevant messaging is what happens when a business doesn’t properly use data to segment their contacts and personalize their email marketing to effectively target the right audience.

We’re sending and receiving thousands of emails a day. As a business, you need to stand out! The only way to do this is to personalize and segment your email campaigns properly with the right data and tools.

Companies that don’t tailor their content to the right audience execute annoying campaigns and cause self-inflicting SPAM complaints. Simply put, they’re wasting their marketing efforts and most importantly, missing out on revenue!

This doesn’t have to be the case for your business. The key to successful email marketing is well thought out personalization. “Personalized email messages improve click-through rates by an average of 14% and conversions by 10%.” – Aberdeen

Below we’ve listed exactly how you can avoid wasting valuable email marketing, and turn your content into conversion driving gold.

Email marketing and its importance in your marketing strategy

Not all leads and customers are the same, so they shouldn’t be receiving the same email messaging and content. In real life, outside our digital world, a sales professional pitches their products & services differently based on the interests and behaviors you’ve learned about their leads. The same strategy applies online, except that email messaging and content is now your form of communication with these leads.  

For example, in a B2B situation, you shouldn’t be sending the same email campaign to someone whose primary focus or role is sales, as someone who solely focuses on marketing. How would you feel as a mid-level executive receiving the same email that an IT staff member gets? It just doesn’t add up.

Email marketing is still one of the most used & effective forms of marketing today. According to The Radicati Group, Inc in an Email Statistics Report, 2018-2020, “In five years’ time, there’ll be even more email, with an expected 333 billion emails sent.” Those numbers show that email is far from dead, but it’s only effective if your emails are hitting the right audience.

You can use today’s technology coupled with a well thought out strategy to implement effective email marketing in your business. It’s important to create content around your target markets to get the most out of your efforts, in turn, improving ROI.

To get started with personalization, we need to understand exactly what segmentation is. We spoke with email marketing consultant and founder of, Jordie van Rijn, to hear about his experience using personalization and segmentation:

“Many people think that segmentation is about dividing your whole database into segments, it is not. It is the art of thinking in groups with similar characteristics or interests. Then, you single out the groups that get enough added value by doing something different for them.”

Jordie uses a timeless classic metaphor stating, “The email marketing segmentation world is your oyster, and you are looking for the pearls.”

He goes on to mention, “For instance you could identify a group of VIP (high spend – high frequency) customers and focus on them, or in B2B, the people in a strategic industry, people ready to churn, people with a very specific product preference, or people at risk to churn.”

These are perfect examples of how to segment your audience and personalize your content to address potential customers’ pain points. We’ve included a few key statistics below that truly display the importance of email personalization and segmentation in your marketing strategy.

Personalized emails deliver 6x higher transaction rates. – Experian

Segmented and targeted emails generate 58% of all revenue. – DMA

Marketers have noted a 760% increase in revenue from segmented campaigns. – Campaign Monitor

The open rate for emails with a personalized message was 18.8%, as compared to 13.1% without any personalization in 2016. – Statista

How you can implement personalization using marketing automation

So, how do we use data and technology to implement a well-thought out personalization & segmentation strategy in your email marketing campaigns? The answer lies in Complete CRM.

With GreenRope’s marketing automation tools, you can use automated processes and logic to segment your leads and contacts based on behavioral and demographic data. Below we’ve listed 4 key examples of how you can maximize data to effectively target the right audience for your business.  

  1. Use GreenRope’s email builder to quickly create an email campaign and send it to your targeted contacts through segmented lists called “Groups”. Within these groups, GreenRope’s filter options allow you to define specific segments by various interests, companies, job titles, tags, and more. In this email campaign, you may include a few links to your website or specific content that relates to your business. If one of those contacts clicks a specific link, you can automatically start the lead on a drip campaign. A drip campaign will continue to send the contact email content, specifically tailored around that link they clicked on.

  2. GreenRope’s journey mapping tool unleashes unlimited possibilities to segment your contacts and personalize your content. Use Journeys to automatically segment a lead into a “group” (segmented list of contacts) by their interests or behaviors.  Use the data you’ve collected about them to drive them down personalized customer journeys.

    For example, say a lead fills out a signup form on your website and chooses “CEO” as their job title. With GreenRope’s Journeys, you can automatically add or remove that lead from specific groups based on this data, consolidating all your leads with this title. By adding them to a segmented group, you can then automatically follow-up with content tailored specifically to CEOs.

  3. GreenRope’s marketing automation tools include workflows are automatically triggered by all types of different actions your leads/contacts take. Use Journeys to activate a workflow that notifies a sales staff member to follow up with a lead. Get notified when they’ve read or clicked one of your email campaigns, showing interest in your product or service. If they do show interest, you can also use GreenRope’s hot lead scoring to activate workflows that will notify your sales team when the lead is ready to be contacted. Click here to learn more about workflows and hot lead scoring.

  4. Since GreenRope’s email marketing and automation is built-in to the CRM, you can use dynamic data to automatically tailor content based on any data you have stored in your CRM. Because of this one-of-a-kind integration, you have all the data readily available and easily accessible at all times.

The importance of personalization is only growing. With today’s demand for a seamless and pleasant customer experience, it’s obvious that email personalization and segmentation is a necessity in your marketing strategy. Doing so, drives ROI, improves the customer experience, and makes your job a little more fun.

With the right data & tools at your fingertips, you’ll have heads turning with the amount of revenue you’re bringing in, just from implementing a personalized marketing campaign! Contact us if you have any questions about getting started personalizing your email marketing.


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