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Why We Love What We Do



How many of you out there love what you do? Waiting. Well, I do, and I cannot always say the same for many of my friends and acquaintances. So why do some people love their jobs and others just don’t?

I don’t necessarily enjoy my job because of what I do, but mostly because of the company that I work for. If you were to ask any of my friends or family years ago if I’d be working in tech, each one would have shook their heads, “no”. However, here I am, 6 years deep and enjoying it more than ever.

Of course, I love marketing and writing is definitely a strong point for me. I love making something technical a little less complex for those of us who aren’t techies, engineers,  etc.

So, why do I love my job? Here are a few reasons. If you are a manager or boss of any kind, keep these in mind, as each one of your employees should feel the same way.

1. I am encouraged to share my opinions.

I get personal calls from the CEO asking my opinions on certain ideas and issues. Yes, we do have a small team (about 25 people), but the fact that he calls me personally means that he values my opinion. This is not to say that he values my opinion or (over?) anyone else’s, it just means that he truly believes in makes decisions as a team. When there is any order of business, he brings it to the entire team for discussion. Almost all decisions are made with the team’s feedback in mind.

2. I am not micromanaged.

There is nothing worse than feeling like someone is hanging over your shoulder, watching your every move. That is not way to work. When you feel like you are being crowded, judged, or under pressure, that can severely stifle innovation. My boss gives me the freedom to take ownership of my work, trusting that I will produce something great. Of course, (something missing here or is this leading to next point?)

3. We don’t have silos.

Silos are deadly. They keep the team from interacting with one another. The success of my job relies on me talking to each and every department. From customer service to sales, each department provides me with valuable insight into our customers. This helps me determine content, messaging and valuable information  for more effective marketing. Their interactions with our clients help me build buyer personas and determine the best content at each stage of the funnel.

4. I genuinely enjoy the people I work with.

Even though I live about a thousand miles away from the rest of my team, I still feel very much a part of it. From weekly meetings to online chat, we are always communicating. It not only helps us stay on the same page and accountable, but also makes us more collaborative. The more I work with the team and get to know them, the more I like them. When I like someone, it makes working with them so much more enjoyable. We joke, we laugh, we vent, we produce. I am more productive because of their support and teamwork.

6. We get to do what we want.

No, I do not mean that it is a free for all. I mean, if we are interested in social media, that is where we get to focus our efforts. If someone is interested in project management, well, that is where they get to focus their energy. Our CEO believes that people are more productive and happiest when utilizing their strengths. He wants you to exercise that strength as this is mutually beneficial for both you and the company.

It is not very often that people love their jobs as much as I do, but if you are lucky enough, I would love to hear why.

Loving what you do changes your everyday. Now, not everyday is a great day, but if you are able to alter your perspective to reflect on the positives, you will find that this changes everything.


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