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Increase Client and Employee Engagement with Surveys

What’s one way to guarantee quality service and products? It’s having your customer’s feedback. Understanding the value of your customer’s feedback and utilizing their opinions for your improvement will best ensure that you meet their needs. As a customer-centered brand, GreenRope is dedicated to spreading this method and providing the necessary tools to help. Use our survey feature to find out useful opinions and related information from your contacts.

What are some ways you can use surveys?

  • Market research

  • Customer satisfaction and loyalty

  • Product feedback

  • Employee engagement

  • Event planning

To create a survey, go to Communicate > Surveys and click on the “Create New Survey” button. You may also create a survey folder to help organize your surveys.

After naming your survey, you will begin with creating your survey questions. In these questions, you can customize answer scoring, question types, and even assign workflows to specific answers.

Once you’ve finished creating all of your survey questions, you can input these questions into the survey that you’ve created. You can add logic to the questions, customize your design, and create a customized thank you message after the survey has been completed.

When you’re ready to send out your survey, you can have your contacts fill it out in one of two ways. The first way that you can send out your survey is through an anonymous link. This link can be found at the bottom of your specific survey (in Communicate > Survey > click to open the specific survey), and can be added to websites, emails, etc. With this method, the survey answers will come back anonymous and not be tied to the contacts in your CRM.

You can also send out your survey through Communicate > Email, and inserting a survey placeholder in the body of that email. By sending out your survey this way, you can keep the survey answers tied to your CRM contacts.

In Communicate > Surveys, you can view the results for a survey or individual survey responses.

When you take your customers’ feedback for change and improvement, you give them what they value the most – listening to them. Not only are you able to increase customer satisfaction, but you increase your brand reputation by letting your customers know that their opinions are important to you. You can never go wrong by showing your customers and partners that their opinions matter. It’s really a win-win situation for everyone!


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