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New Year & New Features

2014 has been a great year for new features and updates to the GreenRope system. We are starting 2015 with a new user interface and a host of important features that are sure to improve your marketing and sales, and increase your bottom line.

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Notable News and New Features:

  1. New dashboard User Interface

new UI

GreenRope officially has a new look! We wanted to revamp our system before the new year, and that we did! We are changing the UI entirely, however, the most used pages are officially done. Recently completed pages include the dashboard and contacts page. Take a look and share your feedback with us!

  1. A/B Testing (Hello marketers)

ab testing full charts

Trial and error has always been a large part of marketing, but what if we could eliminate some of that error? A/B landing page testing allows marketers to test a certain page using different content. Once you test pages against each other, you will see which page is getting more clicks, less bounce rate, and higher conversions.

  1. Cold Contacts Automation

cold contacts

Following up with cold contacts is just as important as following up with hot contacts. Look at it like this: following up with hot contacts is essential for client acquisition while following up with cold contacts is essential for retention. This feature ensures that a lead or client never goes without some sort of engagement from you and your company.

  1. Responsive Website Templates

responsive website design

There is no getting around this one! Responsive means that your website loads properly on all devices. It is an essential feature for all your website and email templates, especially because about 80% of Internet access is on mobile.

  1. Updated Google Chrome Extension

Gmail Chrome extension

Increase your efficiency and productivity with the Chrome gadget. Using this extension, you can add and view CRM activities and other important contact information right from your Gmail dashboard. 

  1. Event Registration Logic

event registration logic

Make the registration process seamless and collect all the information you need based on your registrants responses. 

There you have it! We hope you like the updates and new features to the system. Our development team works hard to provide end users the most user-friendly and up-to-date system! Any feedback is useful, so please reach out to support at


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