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Long Tail Marketing—The Future of Marketing

By Tatiana Ceresa

When it comes to small business, mass media marketing is pricey and usually ineffective. Traditional marketing depends on push strategies, which are largely appealing to the masses. But, in the digital age, mass media marketing is no longer an effective means of reaching consumers—especially for small businesses. Thanks to the Internet and social networking, we are now in the world of niche marketing. The Long Tail, a term coined by Chris Anderson, presents great opportunities for small businesses to reach their audiences. This article will show you the benefits of focusing your marketing efforts on niche markets rather than wasting money and valuable resources on short tail mainstream markets.

Unlike short tail marketing, Long Tail reaches very specific audiences at a low cost. Although Long Tail marketing takes longer to have an effect, the end results are greatly beneficial. Here are the three main benefits of Long Tail marketing:

  1. Cost effective

Many startups and small businesses do not have the budget to develop large marketing campaigns that include billboards, flyers, T.V. spots, etc. Instead, they concentrate a large portion of marketing efforts on digital platforms—as they should. Businesses that attract followers through owned, shared, paid, and earned media, will have more exposure across many platforms at a relatively low cost. Instead of pushing out broad content for the masses, concentrate on producing specific, targeted content, rich with keywords, and links.

  1. Thought Leadership

Long Tail marketing presents your business with the opportunity to be a thought leader in your specific industry. Instead of trying to compete with huge brands in mainstream markets, concentrate your effort further down the tail to attract a following from your targeted audience. Unlike short tail, mainstream marketing, the Long Tail takes times. Only after you provide your audience with useful information, will you build their trust, and eventually become a leader.

  1. Authenticity and trust

The ultimate goal with Long Tail marketing is to flip the traditional marketing funnel into a megaphone that your loyal customers will use. Essentially, Long Tail, niche marketing, allows you to become an expert in a specific field, and build lasting relationships with your loyal customers so that hopefully, they will become brand advocates. Once you turn your customers into advocates, you have truly become a thought-leader in your industry. 


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