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GreenRope’s Latest and Greatest: New Upgrades, Features, News, and More! 

New! Features & Upgrades 

New Calendar Booking

Now your clients can book appointments with you using GreenRope's new and convenient Calendar Availability feature! No need to subscribe to a third-party booking agent when GreenRope has it built right in!

First, simply go to Calendar settings and select 'Appointment calendar with booking availability', then, under the Calendar tab > Availability, define the time slots you are available for appointments. 



Upgrade: Ticketing

Leads, customers, and clients can now attach an image to their ticket submissions. Now, your support/customer service staff can visually see what issues your customers are having, and provide even better customer support!

Gmail Gadget

If you are a Gmail user then GreenRope's got the gadget for you! The Gmail Gadget is an extension that you can use while working in Gmail to view any of your contact's information, as well as all of their CRM activity. This is a great time saver since you do not have to move back and forth between the platforms. 


Check out all the features that come with the new Gmail Gadget.

Get the Gmail Gadget in the Chrome Store.

Better SEO

We have added in the ability for each blog post to update the name of the page for better SEO. This means that when your blogs are now more searchable! Check out our article, Blogging for the Big Bucks, for tips and tricks on successful blogging.

Blog Categories

Categorize all of your blog posts for easy navigation. Not only is this great for SEO, but allows your readers to easily access the blog posts they are interested in reading. 


Upgrade: Calendar

New Calendar filters allow you to filter CRM activities by 'All Activities' or just those assigned to the person logged in. This makes it easy for the admin, as well as the user, to view any and all CRM activity going on for that calendar period. 


keithGreenRope News

Most Admired CFO: Keith Richmond

“Keith is one of a kind. He has a vision for GreenRope,” says Director of Marketing, Alessandra Ceresa. “He is not only a great leader, but also a team player. The direction and growth of GreenRope is largely a result of Keith’s passion. Yes, he is a numbers guy, but without his energy and passion, I can guarantee that we would not be seeing the record results that we have achieved.”



GreenRope Ranked #1 by Red Pill Email


"From their full suite of Professional Service offerings, to their Data & Segmentation and Develiverability & Hygience abilities, to their perfect Security score, we're not surprised to see GreenRope at the top of the Small-Market category in our annual Email Vendor Features & Functions Guide for the second year in a row," explains John Caldwell from Red Pill Email 



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